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Calling all redcoats and Indunas! See the devastating effects of a British Line as it defends against a Zulu charge at Isandlwana.

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Defending against a Zulu Charge

Today's video comes from a game at Isandlwana and shows how devastating and effective the British Line can be as a British player arranges his detachment of soldiers into a Line (soldiers form up 1 line standing and the other crouched) as they protect the Regimental Colour (flag) from a Zulu charge.

Alternate Firing

The British in real life used the line and square throughout the 19th century as a means to defend against attack. In the game you can command the soldiers to alternate their firing between the front (crouched) and rear (standing) lines. This means as 1 line is reloading the other can fire thus enabling you to provide continuous stream of fire at the attackers.

In Game Menu or Hotkey
In the video the player uses hotkeys to command the soldiers but you can also use the In Game menu to command as well.


Isandlwana was the scene of the true and iconic battle from 1879 where the Zulu inflicted a massive defeat on the British (loss of around 1500 British soldiers).

Like all maps in our game the Isandlwana map was based on and reproduced to scale from satellite images of the area, old photographs and original maps drawn at the time of the conflict.


Whilst the video is taken from a multiplayer game you will also be able to play the game in singleplayer as well.

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