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Uploaded a video to showcase the package in action, ignore the clumsy play. I'll also get in depth about the two packages you can download.

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XpressTuning's Remaster Edition [Showcase #1]

Haven't done a video in years, so excuse the questionable quality and awkward play, the main point of this video is to showcase the package in action and how it looks, allthough Yantar doesn't seem to provide exposition that i am satisfied with.

Considering that, i'll make some more videos in the foreseeable future.

So with that out of the way, i think i should add some more information concerning the two packages that you can download, and i believe i'll do so in this article.

XpressTuning's Remaster Edition

This is the full package with the ENB file included.

Generally speaking, most people haven't encountered any issues with the mod as far as i know - simple drag 'n drop and you're good to go. In conclusion, i highly recommend you try out this package first regardless of the version you have. It's most likely going to work on your first try, if you follow my instructions that i've written in the Summary page.

IF you encounter any issues (like a crash, for example) check the Summary page of this package were i listed a handful of simple solutions for potential issues.

XpressTuning's Remaster Edition (Non-ENB)

This is the package without the ENB file. It contains all the mods listed in the Summary page except for the ENB file. If performance isn't good or you may not have an interest in the effects ENB adds over the game, go with this, it'll work 100%.

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