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Embark on your quest and answer the question: What if the South won the Civil War? The new updates release substantial game mechanic additions as well as a brand new Confederate Scenario in Supernations - straying from the typical 'Supernations' concept and embracing a more Alternate History scenario.

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Join us in playing Victoria II: The Supernations Mod Version 1.5!

"The Disunion Update"

After hundreds of hours of development, the newest update of the Supernations Mod is here, more ambitious than any that had come before! Introducing a brand new Confederate arc, reintroducing the 1861 Start Date, as well as expanding the tech tree, integrating the PDM politics interface, introducing World Powers, as well as new provinces and brand new units!

Guide the Confederacy in a Post-Union America, and choose from four separate outcomes:

Will you reform the Union with the South at its head?

Will you chart a path of independence and pursue the Golden Circle?

Will you reintroduce the Articles of Confederation and the ideal of Confederalism?

Or will you ultimately bring about the collapse of the American nation entirely?

The choice is yours...

Download the new update now!

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