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A major release of the race mod made decade ago! And modding resources included!

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Vexend Races

version 1.2 major update is here!

This is an official continuation of the mod by Ferimens which was initially uploaded to tesnexus site. This update adds many features and fixes lots of problems. See below. What's more - this update includes source PSD files for anyone to improve!

Vexend Race 1.2


v1.2 :
- Added more eye choices (without additional resources)
- Added colorable hair meshes and textures
- Added cold resistance
- Added CreatureFaction friendship so animals won't attack on sight. This may be considered cheating or boring so ESP without this feature is also included.
- Changed race reactions: same race +5, khajiits -5, argonians -10
- Changed voice for Vexends
- Changed tail model to Inari's
NOTE: Inari tail textures were shrinked WITHOUT LOSS IN QUALITY (they were blurry anyway) to save memory, but kept in old places so if you install Inari Race mod later, they will be overwritten.
- Replaced KhajiitHeadband.nif with vexendheadband.nif with improved UV mapping
- Tweaked sizes just a little
- Updated textures to look less like feline (optional)
- Tweaked base attributes and skill bonuses
- Fixed wrong texture names.
- Removed old unused Race IDs
- Removed duplicate textures
NOTE: original meshes and textures are renamed as "original", but may not be 1:1 byte-identical because texture path is sometimes changed
IMPORTANT: when creating NPCs make sure to use skeletonbeast.nif and mark this ESP as its master file (use some external tool for this)
v1.1 :
- Added new mesh for head
- Added new mesh for ears
- Fixed missing eye textures for wolven
v1.0 :
- Initial release


- Oblivion, with 1.2 patch (not tested with older versions)
- KT Custom Race Fix or Unofficial Oblivion Patch
- Hentai Gentlemen's EyeCandy Body (HGEC) or other similar body mod which uses as body texture is recommended

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