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A disturbance in development (all good disturbances) lead to a delay of our live update...

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Ok update number 004 is going to not happen in September as planned (obviously). We started getting a scene placed together to show off, as well as some early Swimming. However it will be held until sometime in the middle of October.

The reason is days ago we shifted gears onto a Game Jam lasting 2 weeks. The prizes are Unity Pro Licenses and an endorsement from Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead creator). So we feel we really need to take this opportunity. So up until October 10th there will be a hold on Neural Break development. Also on that week I am hoping to give a presentation to my local IGDA chapter about some stuff Neural Break related.

Because we are so busy trying to accomplish so many things, and I won't be here in the last half of the second week in October the Live Update 004 will likely happen the 3rd week of October. We will announce the theme and details sometime in the 2nd week of October.

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