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Link to an early version of the game to try. Please give suggestions and critique.

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Includes the game and the server.exe so you can host your own server to try it out.
Singleplayer is currently disabled, so even if you are playing alone you'll have to launch the server first, then connect with the IP "localhost", which is already in the text entry as the default value.

First create a character, then make sure the one you want is selected and click "Play Multiplayer" (if the server is open). You can then launch another instance of the game and join the server again, to see the multiplayer in action.

Currently you start in chunk (1,1), and the server generates (1,1), (1,2), (2,1), (2,2) as either forest or village, so walk right/downwards to find more entities. If the world doesn't have at least one forest or one village then just close the server and relaunch, then join the new server.

You can attack with space/left mouse, currently you can only chop trees which will give wood (sometimes) and eventually fall down.
Use m to toggle the music.
Use i to open the inventory while in the game. The only item you can currently get is wood from the trees and they don't currently stack, but this should give you an idea of what the inventory should be like. (Eventually should have stacking & some sort of weight/size limit).

Deleting characters hasn't been implemented yet.

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