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To start i apologize for lack of screenshots, i wish i had more time to spend on development but sometimes i dont. Why you might ask? Well i sever issues in my life that i do not want for my worst enemy. Also as i am the only developer on this game things get little hard. Now i will move on and deliver you some news on the latest progress i had and what i hope to accomplish.

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1) Underground layout development (90%)
2) Implementation into Unity
3) Create screenshots of first town made
4) Prop the corridors and other houses, offices etc...
5) Make second round of ingame screenshots
6) Final testing
7) Release of VS3 (Vertical Slice 3)

Now i would like a lot of feedback once VS3 is out, as it will be the ground point for further development This game will be open world first/third person shooter with elements of survival. Once again send me feedback on either:

Here is a piece of the story hope you like it WIP.

Colonel James Bishop; January 1 2054

Personal log;

The weather is changing rapidly, our scincetists are
predicting that within next 6 mounths earth will reach the point where it will
be impossible to live. 10 years ago earth entered a new ice age that destroyed
the world above, streets where filled by snow and lack of food made people into
wild animals trying to survive by killing others for a can of food. I wish this
never happened, i wish i can go back and be with my family, but i cant so i am entrusted
to lead this underground city of Atlantis to enshure survival of mankind. Im
not the only one of course, Every country on planet earth also built
underground city's and towns, it was a mutual agreement that we all signed. However
we where always aware that it will be only temporary we are living on borrowed
time, once we all moved down we started
working on prototype space ship with cryo-stasis pods that will allow thousands
of people to survive a vary long trip to a far star system that is large and
has gigantic planets that are habitable.
Basicly 1 planet for 1 country, but deadline is not on our side, like i
mentioned earlyer in next 6 mounths earth will reach the point of no return and
ships are not even 50% complete. Can this be the end of mankind? I must not think like that, these people need
me i must not loose it.

End of transmission.

Personal log; Colonel James Bishop; January 5 2054

Zombies! My goodnes, what the hell is going on? City of
Texsas is filled with zombies we managed to block the pathway from Atlantis but
what am i going to do now, i must set up a councel with world leaders.

UPDATE: According to them there are no reports of zombies
anyware so this must be isolated incident, still lot of good women and men are
lost in there, hopefully some of them managed to survive. Councel told me to
send in only 1 of my best soldiers to try and contain the situation, secure the
city, investigate the incident (find the source) and find and rescue any
survivors he/she can find. Seems like impossible mission. Who am i going to
send on a suicide mission? No one will accept this, i cannot ask anyone but i
will have to.

UPDATE: Commander Jack Bishop read my personal log
accidently and applied for this suicide mission. He is a good man that lost
everything like me and i cannot say no to him he is my brother in arms as well
as my brother by blood. If anyone can do this its him, he finished missions
with impossible odds, and came home alive.

End of transmission.

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