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Smarter than ever, this is a release which is squashing a lot of bugs. There's also a lot of small improvements, especially in the orbital and naval space. Air builds have been updated for the meta.

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Queller AI Box

While only being given a minor release version bump, this update is one of the most significant in a long time. A really nasty orbital bug is squashed in this release which should mean Queller's invasions are once again as deadly as you remember them from the days of yore. The focus has been on both naval and orbital improvements, with a side of updating the various playstyles to account for balance and meta changes.

  • Improved decision-making by Gold, Platinum, and Uber about when to expand their naval presence
  • Gold and Platinum more likely to try and get in the water if they don't have a naval presence but the enemy does
  • Changed how Gold, Platinum and Uber measure the need for land and naval anti-air defences and units
  • Ensured Uber Naval is only building land units that are amphibious or hover
  • Removed Uber Air personality
  • Platinum and Uber may build an orbital launcher to counter an orbital threat
  • Fixed Uber MLA still being too paranoid about nukes on planets it hasn't scouted
  • Uber will only use combat fabbers for minesweeping when it has confirmed the existence of mines
  • Uber will only build orbital fabbers on multi-planet maps
  • Corrected missing checks for Platinum in its assessment of whether it needs additional air
  • Replaced all checks using FocusTargetThreatRatio as it is exhibiting unexpected behaviour
  • Further checks to prevent overbuilding of air by Platinum and Uber
  • Uber uses less Gil-E
  • Slight adjustments to Platinum and Uber's decision-making process about their orbital launcher presence
  • Protect against some orbital edge cases
  • Tried to ensure hover and amphibious platoons don't get stuck on islands

Queller AI Bluehawks firing

  • Bronze's commander won't continue to build bot factories when alone
  • Uber will always use its Icarus offensively if it can
  • Fixed Uber Free-For-All building vehicle factories on islands when playing as the MLA
  • Tried to avoid Bronze and Silver building titans in response to tiny forces
  • Allowed the use of hover units in army platoons if they aren't strong enough to operate alone
  • Removed multi-planet restrictions from Uber's use of naval
  • Fixed Uber MLA starting naval even if it didn't think it had a naval path from its base
  • Uber will use the Kestrel alongside the Horsefly
  • Platinum will use the Kestrel again
  • Don't check for threats in build conditions running specifically due to the absence of threats
  • Ensure blind builds designed for game openings are only used where the AI believes it has incomplete information
  • Platinum and Uber will scout when they have conflicting information about the enemy presence on their planet
  • Fixed double bot factory openings
  • Uber will use the Astraeus to more quickly establish its first off-world presence
  • Uber will set up for scouting faster when it thinks it has arrived on a planet before other players
  • Tried to ensure a teleporter is always built before a factory when arriving on a new planet

Queller AI Tyr orbital laser firing

  • Denser energy plant placement
  • Gold won't build the Stryker anymore
  • Overhauled platoons to resolve numerous inconsistencies and timing issues
  • Low difficulties hoard more air before attacking
  • All difficulties now prioritise moving armies between planets
  • Minor adjustment to the size of naval scout platoons at low difficulties
  • Fixed some instances of advanced factories being incorrectly built on islands
  • Fixed Bronze Legion teching too early
  • Bronze and Silver may now run land and air scouting alongside one another
  • Ensured Bronze and Silver scout with the Marauder
  • Ensured Silver builds the air units necessary to scout where required even if there's no enemy air presence
  • Bronze through Uber form naval platoons earlier than before
  • Uber is slightly more aggressive in forming air-to-ground attack platoons
  • Ensured mobile artillery ratio checks exclude static artillery
  • Don't transfer troops from planets that require assistance
  • Fix a major error preventing the teleportation of troops when alone. This one was really bad, sorry :(
  • Planets will send as many troops off-world as they can so long as they don't need them
  • Uber puts more emphasis on its commander building energy plants

Queller AI Unit Cannons firing

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