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List of updates, fixes, and additions for each new version of the game starting with version v1.17

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1. Fixed bug that caused the Banshee to crash the game if it was placed in the simulation room because it was not getting upgrade stats
2. Added weapon accuracy in the Aircraft Shop for the weapon loadouts and the Planning unit tooltips, and optimised it in Planning
3. The text message indicating that a unit was hit now shows the unit's name, and optimised the damage_string function to not include standardised text based on the unit's owner and optimised the text_alert function to take a custom colour instead of determining the colour on its own based on the text, since now damage text will be different for each unit instead of a standard that the functions could have used to determine colour, made miss text messages also have the colour of the owner of the unit that fired, death messages now also show the unit names, and changed the colour of the line indicating normal player hits to make it different from the line showing a player miss
4. Fixed Armillian airmechs not having vectored movement or any dodge, and fixed all deployable units not having evasion
5. Added a death animation for units
6. Fixed upgrades being applied twice for player aircraft by removing the individual upgrade functions on each player unit object, so upgrades are only applied from Planning and maps without the planning stage will have an upgrade function added to them
7. Increased Havok reload speed from .005 to .08
8. Added an indicator to show when the game is saving and loading
9. Updated the Valkyrie's description
10. Added a visual notification to show which unit is being hit with a rectangle behind their name and an image above it
11. Added some interceptor to Rebel units
12. Added "Basics" and "Advanced" titles in the tutorial
13. Reduced Hastatus' missile ammo from 8 to 4
14. Added Railgun Tower to Allies and Nova Tower to Rebels
15. Moved Player and Rebel buildings to new lists so that they are separate from normal units, fixed the unit type icons in the Simulation room having overlapping symbols, and added a tooltip for the Spear Lanzer, and made buildings unusable in water missions
16. Added portraits for the Aquila, Reaper
17. Added individual targeting times and targeting speeds to all units
18. Fixed Armillian not having an accuracy variable for its second weapon state. which would crash the game
19. Added sensor turret and sensor tower models
20. Added the damage drop icon to the library weapons section and fixed the line not extending to max
21. Shortened the length of the Units text in the BMS Help tab of the Library, added a Control text, removed the Enemy text, included shift-clicking to select multiple units in the Control text, fixed the aggressive move icon being listed as move attack, updated the text about the position of the weapon type icon being above the unit's state icon, moved the Help tab's text down so it doesn't overlap with the icon and moved the icon down and to the right to not overlap with the title, and added new images
22. Added an icon next to the name of the speaker in story dialogue boxes and added this feature to missions 1-10, added a frequency for the enemy dialogue in mission 9, removed he skip_message function on missions whose triggers were not supposed to be skipped because of timed events happning early, and decreased the timers on mission 7's last two story messages which were at 15 and 50 seconds
23. All units now decelerate when ordered to stop or when offline, instead of simply stopping in place, decreased acceleration by 10 times for all units, added deceleration which is twice the acceleration, multiplied the acceleration's display on the left side of the screen to be 1000 times as large since only the starslash, sentry drone, Drangue, and mechs had acceleration that rounded to 0.01 rather than 0.00, and doubled Mainbase's base thrust from 100 to 200
24. Fixed the map grid and map shade buttons [(from 27) and tooltips] from moving when the user zoomed in, replaced the button objects on the right of the screen with the button object and removed the enemy AI button in story mode, and fixed the terrain button not working on the first press, made player units not need the player_AI object to run
25. Fixed bug that had rarely been causing the game to crash when there were too many in game text messages and it tried to remove the first one, shifting the rest down and trying to access the i,7 th array index that was not declared
26. Library buttons now have new image and show a folder image next to Library sections buttons and file icons next to each topic button that display which file and folder is currently open, and made the enemy and battlecruiser buttons the same format as the other buttons using the draw_buttons function
27. Added turning off sensors to the Venator's ECM ability Added Designate Weapons Target ability to Explorator
28. Added Jammer Turret, Sensor Turret, Mortar Turret, and Sprayer Turret to player units
29. Fixed Anti Missile weapon systems crashing the game when trying to access variables through the damage system that missiles did not have

1. Fixed bug that caused the Haurricane B to crash the game if no player units existed when it fired it's plasma howitzer
2. Added a light blue line on the menu bar in ABMS mode to make it easier to see
3. Made the enemy stats screen in game the same colour as the player units screen to make it more visible, and combined some of the fields together, updated SL Shield name from "GSLD" to "SSLD", added a "DETECTED" indicator to show if the unit is visible to all enemies,
4. Added a random percent chance for units to hit their target if their weapon accuracy is less than the target's evasion, and gave units evasion based on their health, and added weapon accuracy stats to the UI unit stats screen in game, added accuracies for all weapons, added a thinner gray line instead of blue for when a unit misses the target, added a targeting timer that activates when attacking a new unit so that the accuracy system has less delay when hitting a target repeatedly, and added these variables to the UI unit stats sidebar
5. Reduced Stormbringer thrust from 1000 to 200
6. Spear Lanzer's Ion Howitzer finished so it moves the unit into range of the target before firing
7. Added a blue version of all ability and upgrade icons for the menus, finished removing the white parts of ability icons, and fixed the transparency of icons being different colours, causing parts of the icons to be shaded differently, and (fixed or added, not sure) the upgrade butons in the aircraft lab to change the icon based on the upgrade level
8. The missile section of the ship lab now uses the box function instead of showing its name in a blue box, made the icon change depending on if missiles were available, removed the text showing currently used missile bays and replaced it with a visual indicator, and changed the missile buttons to only add a missile while the missile bay buttons remove the current missile, and updated the relevant menus that had those icons updated
9. Added a sound effect for error messages and reduced the time they show on screen, and added error text to show
10. Fixed the Moonrunner's firearm weapon name having the same model number as the Moonrunner laser weapon, and updated all subsequent firearms to have updated firearm model numbers
11. Added a button to change the map's colours in game, and removed that functionality from the terrain button
12. Added a button to save new options files
13. Updated sensor system to make units have a low chance of hitting their targets if sensors are off, to have its own timer and separate variable, and it now turns off detection on the target unit
14. Added Sensor Disruption ability to Explorator
15. All weapon plans now are transparent instead of having white interiors
16. Added Explorer Drone to Explorator and removed the old pathfinder abilities on it except for the hacking module
17. Fixed bug that caused Gunbarrow to crash the game because it was trying to access the wrong hotkeys
18. Added a tutorial to teach the basics of RTS, advanced orders, unit types, battlecruisers, and other things.
19. Added model for infantry
20. Pathfinder and Explorer drones can now be spawned independently of their mothership units by giving them default variables so that they do no crash the game
21. Damage drop graphs in the Library will now highlight the point your mouse is over and tell you the damage and made the damage_drop_ratio function work outside of the game and optimised it
22. Added Tutorial button in the mission menu and moved the buttons on the right of the menu furter to the right to be symmetrical to the buttons on the left of the menu, and moved the optional missions and ship missions a bit to the right
23. Optimised and made the Unit Portraits more organised.
24. Fixed the bar at the top of the screen in game that shows the percent of units each side has extending to the left of the screen when there were no units at the start of the game. Now the line will not show at all fi this happens. Fixed the max player and enemy units not increasing for new units added after the start of the game.
25. Fixed invisible enemy units showing up on the minimap when not detected
26. Weapon accuracy is now displayed on the left of the screen and all enemies now have their own weapon accuracies
27. Fixed Player Princeps' laser weapon not having the updated 10 damage instead of 5, fixed the enemy Triarus having its second weapon stats overwrite its first weapon stats
28. Fixed battlecruiser ability database having been deleted, causing the Battlecruiser section of the library to crash the game by trying to access it
29. Fixed the Imperator, Millian, Mariner, Armillian and Revenant crashing the game because they did not have a weapon accuracy for their second weapons, and also added accuracy to the Liberator, and gave the Zero two weapon states

1. Added in game portrait for Revenant
2. Added energy bar under health bar for battlecruiser portraits and updated the healthbars to make each segment stand out more
3. Reduced the size of ammo bars in battlecruiser portraits so that they do not overlap
4. Added a button to switch between duplicating your current save file or creating a new one in the main menu, fixing the problem of new users having exactly the same stats as the old user, and the load button now displays the current user's current mission and resources
5. Added a stun reduction variable so now units with charge armor will be immune to stuns, and battlecruisers will have stun reduction. Removed the effect of the research upgrade that makes all units immune to stun and instead made it apply to charge armor
6. Increased Revenant's visibility from .5 to .75
7. Added Railgun Overload ability to Striker, fixed Railguns not applying cooldown if a moving shot was performed
8. Fixed Drangue not targeting aircraft near it if any player battlecruisers existed on the map, and fixed EMP rocket showing "EMP_MSL HIT" when it hit
9. Updated background maps for first ten levels
10. Added a background map grid with lines and numbers that can be turned off
11. Fixed Mainbase not using speed increase from excess power system when moving in an order other than the Move order
12. Updated Battlecruiser portrait backgrounds to not cover the "WPN" text with black, included weapon type and power state icons, shifted the portrait to the left, changed the text "WEP" to "WP" and "PWR" to "PW" to make the icons fit, and fixed backgrounds changing colour based on the previous battlecruiser being selected rather than the current one
13. Fixed bug that caused remote mines to crash the planning stage
14. Fixed battlecruisers not being fully registered as acquired for the planning stage, and added that to the save and load systems
15. All in game tooltips for abilities now also have the ability name and hotkey in them, and added names and hotkeys for the Triarus beam weapon, Gunbarrow Howitzers, and the Wing Guard's AML and updated the tooltip for it
16. Fixed bug that caused unlocked research from the currently loaded game to not be overwritten when making a new game. As a result, new save files will not be able to unlock features that are currently locked due to them being incomplete, so to access new features that are locked in future versions, the save file will have to be manually edited or a new game will have to be started
17. The Mainbase now isn't inherently a flagship, so it may be killed during simulations and ship battles without losing the mission
18. Rearranged Art tab in the Options menu and added boxes to organise it
19. Updated ability icons to new style
20. Added changing colour to the battlecruiser icon in the art tab of the Options menu
21. Added Spear Lanzer to player units
22. Upgraded ability database to include number of abilties on each unit, and optimised how they are declared and saved. This allows for all unit abilities to have tooltips with the ability name and hotkeys, and removed abilities that were named "None", which took up space in the save files and hotkey rebinding menu, added all unit abilities to the key rebinding and layout menus, and added the unit name to the keyboard layout to more easily isolate duplicate keys
23. Upgraded the stealth system to make player units be detected, and added enemy global detection systems
24. Upgraded the game message system to show images, and only play the warning sound as long as it is running, avoiding it accidentally continuously playing even when the mission has ended or is paused, and optimised the code
25. Fixed Heavy Missile Explosions being targetable even though they could not die, fixed their damage being directly proportional to distance from the explosion instead of inversely proportional, and changed damage type from explosion to plasma
26. Added a weapon accuracy system so weapons take time to lock on to a target, and smaller or fast moving units are harder to hit
27. Added an optional simple collision system
28. Added Battle Draft mode to Ship Battles and [after 29] fixed the win condition not working for Ship Battles, and added a separate win condition for Battle Draft that requires that you summon all ships, and added wins and losses being saved and displayed
29. Fixed Armillian's Return All ability being applied to all player units, fixed it not using its rebindable hotkey, and fixed hotkey rebinding not working (bug was caused during this patch's development)

1. Fixed enemy units being able to fire outside of their range when ordered to attack
2. Missile turrets now have to be fired manually, to avoid wasting missile on a target that will die before they all hit
3. Streamlined the Mariner's images ability moving images that were outside of the range, and made the movement smoother, fixed the Mariner moving other unit's projected images to within it's own range[That was not actually happening nor could it] fixed the Mariner only keeping the last image it made in range while the rest were able to move outside its range, images can no longer be made from another image, and instead casting image on an image will destroy it, images now have the movement speed of their image targets, fixed the images showing the energy transfer laser range, and limited images to be made only inside the Mariner's range
4. Added a second image background on the pause menu and made the background dark blue
5. Added a workaround for the bug in GameMaker where holding a key and then tabbing out of the game would not register the release of that key. Since tabbing out is generally done with [Alt]+[Tab], the Alt key is registered as pressed but never released, causing units to move out of formation and for turrets to not be able to fire, even when the alt key was not physically pressed. While it it not useful not, the indicator at the bottom right of the screen now correctly shows whether the alt key is pressed as a 0 or 1.
6. Added draft mode to Ship Battle mode and updated draft mode description to indicate that placed units cannot be deleted
7. Updated the avoid_attack function so that battlecruisers no longer automatically avoid charged attacks, since they rarely ever could get out in time
8. Added a siege mode ability to the Gunbarrow and updated the draw_sniper button to work on units without the sniper_ability so siege mode can use it
9. Added different movement types: normal, hover, and fighter, and the new movement system for some reason actually resets turn speed when the unit has stopped turning so that's good
10. Added optional armor types that can be put on units in the planning room
11. Fighters are now the only unit type that do not lose turning speed while moving
12. Pathfinder now has vectored movement
13. Added armor types and movement types to the library
14. The research option selected in the Research Lab will now show its name using the draw_box function instead of drawing it separately
15. Added flares to Havok and flak gun to Anti Missile Plasma Shotgun to Monsoon A and Monsoon B
16. Ion shotgun now destroys missiles as well, both friendly and enemy, and added text messages to the hits
17. Updated library to include AMPS in the Monsoon's descriptions, as well as fixed their names to include A and B instead of I and II
18. The Terrain, Player AI, Formation, and Enemy AI buttons now have their own icons with tooltips
19. Fixed custom colours having slightly less red than originally given after loading save files by converting the saved colours from 6 significant figure scientific notation to normal integers
20. Added a tower type unit, made the Allies Missile Tower a tower type, and added Sensor Tower for Allies
21. Added another art type with anti aliased unit models
22. Added a passive weapon speed burst ability to the Wraith
23. Added AML Tower and Laser Tower to Allies
24. Wraith secondary weapon speed decreased from .05 to .025 and damage decreased from 10 to 5
25. Player missiles now die if they have 0 or less health
26. Reduced missile tower's missile range from 1200 to 700 Fixed Missile turret maintaining an attack target until it exited the tower's missile range instead of until it exits its weapon range
27. Fixed the loading files function counting one less file than there is, which fixed the options save files in the Options menu not showing the last save file, and the load game menu now shows saved games even if there is only one file
28. Fixed an error in the Wraith's description: changed "...but is more easily shot down then other aircraft." to "...but is more easily shot down than other aircraft." and added information about its weapon heat up
29. Fixed battlecruiser ammunition counter at the top of the screen showing Praetor suppression missiles, Bellator railgun array, Mariner MSL missile even if they had not been researched, and updated the ammo counter names of the Bellator's Railgun array from "SCRM:" to "RAIL:", the Mariner's MSLS from "MGN:" to "M_SL:", the Bellator's Missile Barrage from "MIS:" to "MSL:", added the Mainbase's remote magshield and the Venator's stinger shot abilities to the ammo counter, and added the Revenant's abilities to it as well as fixed the Revenant not using the player_ships object's default GUI drawing because it wasn't inheriting it

1. Added Ship Battle Mode
2. Fixed simulation not having access to pause menu
3. Updated ability icon style
4. Updated damage system to not use a separate (although identical) calculation for extra damage (lasers, high speed shells, and beams that penetrate plasma shields). Instead of the extra damage being applied directly to the hull, it is repurposed as normal damage, and will therefore now go to GN shields if there are any, or if not be calculated as hull damage like any other leftover damage from shields
5. Added Stinger Shot ability to the Venator
6. Updated Longbow Missile to show its display name when it hits the target
7. Added a transformation time of one second to the Princep's Flight Mode ability and decreased the speed increase from 2 to 1 and used the off icon for the ability button with a transformation timer
8. Updated damage system to calculate damage drop outside of the main damage calculations, replaced it in the damage calculation with shield bypassing and armor penetration, removed the do loop from damage calculation, and replaced the damage text in the damage calculation with an array showing damage number applied to each shield, and moved damage text to its own function
9. The flagship unit in Rogue mode is now considered a flagship and the player will lose the game if it is destroyed, and the player can assign a unit to be the flagship in the battleship mode
10. Removed extra image of millian in the battlecruiser icons in the planning room, which was causing the Liberator and the Revenant to have the wrong images as they were one behind the correct image
11. The images on the wraith's Mirage ability now have no display name, making it easier to see the wraith and its display name
12. Player units can no longer be ordered to move or attack if their max speed is 0 or if they have no weapons, respectively
13. Fixed the load button not showing the last alphabetical save file
14. All variables using "game.unit_number[i]", which was the variable that was being used in the number_units() function, have now been changed to game.unit_types[i,6]" which is the variable that was getting saved so it is now standardised and does not use two variables
15. Laser and Missile turrets now have transparency when hidden
16. Fixed unit names in the planning stage being "Undefined" (this bug might only have started in the development of this patch)
17. Added the in game message sound to the messenger room
18. Added lines showing the edges of the ranges of units instead of only showing arcs. Only shown when only one enemy unit or only one player unit is selected
19. Princeps supply cost increased from 10 to 15, and Triarus supply cost increased from 20 to 25
20. Moved battlecruiser ability number list to the game object so the library and battlecruiser shop don't need to have it in them separately, and updated list to have all current abilities, and fixed millian having the mariner's abilities
21. Updated mission starting locations for the minimap in the planning room
22. Fixed ability buttons in game activating the ability, such as instantly firing a missile, when clicked on
23. Added images on AM, AP, AL Fields and gave fields different colours than units (darker red, darker, green, lighter blue)
24. Reduced Mainbase turnrate from 2.5 to 1
25. Updated the firearms and high speed shell icons in game, and the weapon icons in the menus with transparency
26. Moved the status icon for units in game to line up with the healthbar and the weapon type icon
27. Fixed the Mariner's Images ability updating the mouse's sprite leftover from the old mouse target system
28. Added a sensors_on variable so now units will not fire on other targets if their sensors are off, such as in a blackout field
29. Fixed AL missile trying to draw its text message on detonation on a target unit when there was none, crashing the game

1. Added Rogue Mode
2. Added enemy boss units and player Ghost units to Simulator and Library
3. Fixed bug that caused missile abilities to crash the game because they tried to give variables to a missile that was already fired and whose instance was saved in a temporary variable
4. Fixed bug that caused sequential missiles to continue firing even when target was destroyed. I thought I already fixed that
5. Fixed bug that caused Mainbase to crash the game by trying to check for the AML hotkey when AML had not been equipped
6. Fixed bug that caused optional missions to crash the game when pressing start on a mission but not having placed any units
7. Added Princeps and Triarus plans and icons
8. Added Designate Target ability to Pathfinder to make any missiles fired at target unit unable to be redirected
9. Added battlecruiser buttons in the planning stage and removed additional battlecruisers being placed automatically
10. Fixed bug that allowed units to continue moving at prop assist unit speed even after arriving at destination and automatically stopping
11. Added designate target ability to Mainbase
12. Fixed loading game overwriting the new amount of max values for abilities, unit types, etc.
13. Added supply cost to unit button tooltips in Planning Stage, updated tooltips with new abilities, and added tooltips for princeps, triarus, aquila, reaper, EMP Mine, and Pathfinder
14. Fixed bug that confused unit types in the planning stage when deleting them, causing units to have the wrong type (only discovered when using both battlecruisers and aircraft)
15. Added Remote Magshield ability to Mainbase
16. Added Laser Sniper ability to Praetor
17. Added large weapon type icons in the weapons section of the library and added an animated graph behind the weapon schematics and moved them to the right
18. Added Hailstorm and Stormcell to the Rebel unit list so they are visible in the library and simulation
19. Fixed units that were owned not having a button in the planning stage
20. Added confirmation and denial system messages to purchasing aircraft and supplies in the Assembly Room
21. Moved Missile Redirect and Target Ally abilities to a new hacking system that multiple units can accesss, and added Shield Collapse ability to it. Mainbase, Pathfinder, Pathfinder drones, and Explorator have access to it, and set missile redirect and target ally abilities' range to the emitter unit's detection range.
22. Research buttons now have transparent green instead of white on them
23. Added confimation message when loading a different profile
24. Fixed the Add Supply button showing that it adds 10 supply in the button text even though it only adds 8. It now displays and adds the same number regardless of what that is
25. Valkyrie damage increased from 5 to 10, decreased Princeps damage from 20 to 15
26. Added models, names, and descriptions for all the unit weapon loadouts
27. Added a radar station icon to the map bases and updated the large base icon
28. Added Laser Rifle and Images ability to the Venator's Battlecruiser shop and in the Library
29. Added total number of each unit next to their icons in the Assembly room, replaced the text boxes for units and missile with the new box with title function, and moved the box around all the unit buttons down and to the left to fit in the screen

1. Updated the unit weapon type symbols
2. Units' weapon type and state symbols are now rounded so they are drawn properly- removed because it made them jiggle
3. Tooltips are now drawn in the GUI layer above the object they are being drawn from, and are brighter
4. There is now an option to turn on ability buttons being real buttons that can be clicked on. Ability buttons now also have tooltips, in both normal mode and as real buttons
5. Added descriptions for the Gunbarrow and Wing Guard
6. Added 0,2,4,8x anti aliasing and v-sync in the graphics menu
7. Optimised the tooltip button to not draw if the text is empty
8. Fixed the Mainbase's plasma shield hotkey changing to 'shield_recharge_hotkey' instead of showing the hotkey when at just above 0 shields
9. Fixed Venator's holographic image using the same information as the Mariner's holographic image
10. Armillian and Liberator's abilities are now rebindable
11. Added descriptions and rebindable hotkeys for the Gunbarrow and Wing Guard
12. Remote EMP Mines now have their own Large EMP missile hotkey
13. Fixed the battlecruiser power state button in the options menu not changing the key used
14. Added buttons in the gameplay options menu to turn off ability buttons and ability tooltips in game
15. Battlecruisers now have stat points that can be moved between stats at any time instead of having linear upgrades
16. Starstrike base visibility reduced from 1 to .8
17. Balanced upgrade values for the Mainbase so that max upgrades at level 10 are now similar to the previous max upgrades at level 4.
18. Updated Mainbase to have normal acceleration
19. Added GUI size options in the art menu
20. Added laser rifle ability to Venator
21. Added Armiger boss to Allies in mission 8 and changed the triggers and dialogue to suit it, and fixed mission not ending
22. Decreased enemy Hastatus missile ammo from 10 to 8 and decreased enemy Princeps missile ammo from 8 to 6
23. Added Drangue to Alliance units
24. Updated Battlecruiser Shop graphics to fit text and new button
25. Optimised EMP missile and made it usable for enemies
26. Added sound for enemy missile launch
27. Added Rammer and Explorator to player units
28. Allies Velite damage reduced from 20 to 6
29. Fixed bug that caused Mainbase plasma shield to crash the game because the hotkey variable it was trying to use was wrong, and fixed it not using the reassigned hotkey

1. Added 21:9 aspect ratio
2. The player now received the resources from the tutorial mission, whether it was skipped or completed
3. The first unit placed in optional missions can now be deleted
4. Added black mode options: there is now an option to turn on custom coloured and custom transparency boxes behind unit display names in game, which also change player units' lines to their display names to green and enemy unit's lines to their display names red. This helps for dark backgrounds, to see unit display names clearly
5. The Missile turret, Laser Turret, Remote Mine, EMP Mine, Sagitus, Pathfinder Drones, Holograms, Enemy Mines, Plasma Towers, Heavy Missiles, TNNP Missiles, MMV Missiles, Anti Laser Missiles, now updates with the art style
6. Fixed bug where having hero portraits set to type 1 caused battlecruisers not to have the portrait_xorigin variable which crashed the game
7. Fixed fighter units having the wrong team colour with the older art styles
8. Added the ability to issue starting orders to units in the Planning Room with alt and right click
9. Fixed units turning when the player cancels unit placement mode in the Planning Room by right clicking
10. Updated the Planning Room's help text and put it into sections
11. Added mission info and a box on the right side of the mission briefing room
12. Optimised armor damage in the attack script and divided armor damage by 10
13. Unavailable research tech now have dark red backgrounds so the player does not have to click on them to find out if they are available
14. Sagitus life decresaed from 200 to 80
15. Added Sagitarius unit to Allies
16. Added Previous Mission button for the mission menu
17. Added nine additional optional missions.
18. The supply and equipment indicator in the planning room is now a function and moves down in the optional missions to fix the supply not being visible
19. Added the Gunbarrow and Wing Guard to player units
20. Added the Armiger and Squtarius to Allies units
21. Fixed loaded games overwriting the current max number of player unit types
22. Apparently have a splash screen now? slizer logo appears when loading the game, because of the new version of gamemaker
23. Apparently have a splash screen now? slizer logo appears when loading the game, because of the new version of gamemaker
24. The Simulation room now has buttons to switch between player aircraft and player battlecruisers, and enemy Allies and Rebel units
25. Paladin shields are now drawn on every unit if they have paladin shield points. This optimises the scripts for the various paladin shield types sine they are now run in the step event rather than the draw event. This also draws paladin shields underneath units instead of on top
26. The anti missile laser ability now shows its cooldown below the icon
27. Reduced guardian shield max shield health from 500 to 100
28. Added a grid to the planning and simulation rooms to show where you can place units
29. Fixed bug and optimised damage calculation that allowed damage to be divided by armor even when the armor was zero [Added 28/9/15]

1. Scanner frequency in vision mode is now rounded when scanning and added title on top of the frequency saying "LASER SCANNING"
2. Fixed the New Game function making a new game with the same starting point as the currently loaded game
3. Story messages now use the universal sound volume
4. Fixed Mainbase changing power states when pressing Tab even when the arrow keys are used to change power states
5. Enemy Alliance battlecruisers can now use power states
6. Pathfinder Drones Return ability on the Pathfinder Drones now uses the same icon as the Pathfinder Drones Deploy ability on the Pathfinder
7. Added Deploy Smoke ability to Strikers that is unlocked by researching the Dispersal research tech
8. Added sides to the total units bar at the top of the screen in game
9. Added Starburst ability to Starslash
10. make_enemy function now deselects the unit to avoid it being selected after it has become a different player's unit
11. Added a new map for mission 2
12. Added blue and green maps for the new missions and updated the list to show the correct blue and green maps for each mission
13. Removed minimap, moved over the enemy AI and start buttons to the middle, and put moved the enemy AI button further away from the start button in the simulation room
14. Moved ability hotkey rebind buttons to the right of the save changes button, fixed the first aircraft ability being in the battlecruiser section, added space between the different battlecruiser's sets of abilities, reorgnaised the battlecruiser abilities to have all of one battlecruiser's abilities together, labeled the battlecruiser ability sections, and moved the ability hotkey boxes to the left so that they are under the ability's hotkey
15. Options are now saved in a file and loaded when starting the game
16. Fixed the button to change the battlecruiser power states only appearing when changing to the gameplay tab in the options menu
17. Fixed the fullscreen option and sound effect volume not updating the game object's fullscreen and volume variables when changed
18. The user's name in the messenger room is now the name on the user's save file
19. Added unit indicators for tutorial messages
20. Updated the tutorial to use the new arrow keys power state system instead of the Tab power state system
21. Fixed Valkyries' missiles adding the bonus from the missile speed research tech even if it was negative
22. Fixed the load game function using the game's current number of units, upgrades, and other statistics rather than the number of statistics saved in the save file
23. Made Scramjet Missile Thruster research tech available by default to avoid errors with missiles
24. Added a scenarios game mode where only aircraft are available
25. The AI for enemies in missions is now stored in the game object
26. The pause menu now stores the current map that is being played so it can go back to it or stop it when using the pause menu
27. Added zones where you cannot place units in the Planning room
28. Units with the Retreat AI will now not respond to the avoid_attack function
29. Fixed error that caused the game to crash if an attack was ordered through shift clicking when it reached the queue since it did not assign the amount of targets, so the unit would either attack the wrong point and not damage the enemy unit or it would crash the game, presumably because it had no "attack_target_x" and "attack_target_y" variables

1. Fixed Magshield research tech description from "...[UPLOCKS]..:" to "...[UNLOCKS]..."
2. Fixed enemy missiles crashing the game when a player unit had anti missile weapon on since enemy missiles did not have the targetable and targeted variables
3. Fixed SL shield not having been removed from Starslash, fixed it only recharging on the Starslash when the starslash was selected, and and gave it
4. (v1.17b19) Added four straight lines in the draw_box function to connect the diagonal lines
5. Wraith's Mirage ability now costs 0 energy
6. Added thrust boost ability to Sagitus that instantly increases speed to max speed and doubles move speed for a few seconds
7. Fixed the Aileram's overdrive ability not running out and added the timer and cooldown to the ability icon
8. Mission logs now can be exited by pressing any keyboard or mouse button
9. Updated SL Thruster, Smart Missiles, and SL Tech tech upgrades' descriptions and made SL Thruster and SL Shield II require SL Tech, and Ion Weapons require Alliance Hoverplanes research tech
10. The Smart Missiles research tech now makes enemy flares not force player missiles to change target to them
11. Added a repair section to the battlecruiser help menu in the library and updated the power states section
12. Updated the minimaps for each mission planning
13. Updated the battlecruiser mission rewards to be on missions 2,12,14,and 18, and updated the reward messages
14. The Aileram in mission 4 now starts with half health
15. Updated the EMP missile, Bellator Missile Barrage, Mariner Energy Transfer Laser, Warp, and Longbow Missiles to use the new mouse ability target system so that the old mouse cursor does not overlap the ability target cursor, and optimised the Bellator missile barrage
15. Updated the EMP missile, Bellator Missile Barrage, Mariner Energy Transfer Laser, Warp, and Longbow Missiles to use the new mouse ability target system so that the old mouse cursor does not overlap the ability target cursor, and optimised the Bellator missile barrage
16. Added player unit secondary abilities to the database so that they can be rebound, and made Princeps, Triarus, Aquila, Reaper, and Pathfinder abilities rebindable
17. Updated navigation room maps to change with the new missions when the chapter changes
18. Fixed Princeps and Triarus missiles using the M hotkey instead of using the assigned hotkey from the database
19. Fixed Hotkey text in the options menu from not fitting in the button
20. Added the Railgun's cooldown in the ability icon in game to know how long it will take to reload
21. Fixed map locations for missions and fixed the map moving up for mission 6 to be on mission 10, and the name, location, and mission in which some bases on the map appear, and changed the locations of some missions
22. Fixed SL shields given in the planning or simulation rooms from crashing the game since they did not have an SL Shield Strength variable, and replaced all SL shield assignments with an assign_SL_shield function
23. Alliance battlecruisers now have their own parent object
24. Laser scanning in Vision mode now detects any unit within the scan rectangle if its visibility is below the scan frequency
25. The stealth system now subtracts a point from the detected variable every step, instead of setting it to zero so that some detection can last for multiple steps and not have to be triggered only at the start of each step
26. Alliance Velites and Rebel smoke clouds stealth level increased from .25 to .45 to make the scanner detect them earlier
27. Fixed sequential missiles such as on the Reapers firing missiles even if the target had already been destroyed
28. Pathfinder drones base visibility decreased from .75 to .45

1. Pausing the game and winning or lose will stop alert sounds
2. Battlecruiser repair mode can now only be used after researching field repair tech which is the new name for the self healing materials tech, battlecruiser default repair material decreased to 100 health, and 50% health repair material is now unlocked by researching the new self healing materials research tech
3. Moved down the Return and Research buttons in the Research Lab
4. Added an SL shield research tech that makes SL shields twice as strong and replaced them by default being twice as strong as before
5. Winning mission 4 now unlocks the Build Hoverplanes research tech
6. Added a vertical line that goes across the scanner screen, the scanning rectangle now turns blue if an enemy is inside it, added a circular radar ping, added corners in the scanner screen, buttons to show left and right click buttons, and text at the top right
7. Added mission logs that show at the end of every mission
8. The number of unread e-mails is now displayed on the e-mail button if there are unread e-mails and fixed internal e-mails being declared and read as Alliance e-mails
9. Fixed the Alliance Aquila model scaling with unit mass and its weapon 2 stats replacing its weapon 1 stats and limited the firing angles of its second weapon
10. Moonrunner anti missile flares now fire 4 flares and use the new mouse targeting function and increased the number of flares to 25
11. Enemy praetors now have 10 anti missile flares and the Dugalle now has 20 anti missile flares
12. All missiles now get the default missile's variables so that none of them will cause errors such as enemy flares trying to detect the visibility of the missile which only normal missiles and things like pathfinder drones had (maybe EMP missile too?)
13. Added a missile speed research tech upgrade, smart missiles research tech upgrade so that missiles ignore enemy flares, and a hack research tech upgrade to see enemy reload bars
14. Fixed avoid_attack causing units to move attack without using the give_order function, so they were not getting the amount of targets assigned
15. Added bartail, seagull, stormbreaker, stormsunder to the Alliance unit list so they are now in the library and can be placed in the simulator
16. Added error messages and animation to the end of mission 14 and fixed mission 14 crashing because it tried to draw a text alert on a variable "attack_target_x" that didn't exist instead of doing it on Mainbase.x and y
17. Added punisher and desolator to the Alliance unit list
18. Fixed missile flares attracting missiles after they were created so that it works for enemies firing them at player missiles as well
19. Fixed the new formation function applying formation positions even when only a single unit was selected
20. Missiles now draw their range as a function of their speed and fuel instead of using static numbers
21. Added e-mail messages
22. Added a short term magshield to the Valkyrie, a research tech for magshield tech, and renamed the Laser research field to Physics
23. added a function to stop repeating sounds whenever the game is paused or won or lost
24. Added a vision mode frequency to detect enemies of various visibilities
25. Mainbase secondary weapon damage decreased from 20 to 10 and fixed Mainbase weapon damage upgrades only working on the starting damage and being removed when switching weapons
26. Added starburst ability to the starmaker and fixed the typo in the starmaker's afterburner's description from "Temporarily increass the Starmaker's flight speed." to "Temporarily increases the Starmaker's flight speed."
27. Fixed Wraith's Mirage ability not using energy even though it could not be used unless it ahd sufficient energy
28. Replaced SL Shields from Starmaker and Starslash with a passive SL Shield- removed passive SL Shield
29. Fixed the turn_to function not turning all the way to the target

1. All green buttons in menus have now been replaced with blue buttons
2. Fixed the E-mail room drawing the background rectangle in front of the other boxes
3. Added pathfinder and EMP mine plans and changed pathfinder's description from "to aiming friendly missiles" to "to aiming friendly and enemy missiles"
4. Added icons for self healing materials and scanner research
5. Zero and AIleram now require the SL tech research to be purchased and fixed Guardian Shield not being locked, and unlocked when researching SL tech
6. Fixed error that occured if the player deleted their savefile and the game tried to read it when starting the game
7. Fixed pings crashing the game if the instance they are on no longer exists
8. Fixed the Battlecruiser Lab spending resources when the player tried to buy something that was either already developed or unavailable and added system messages to show if an upgrade or ability is maxed out or unavailable
9. Added beam and sword weapon icons and added damage mechanics for them as well as added them to the library with schematics and images
10. Moved weapon icons and reload bars to the left of units and enemies now show reload bars if the tech for it has been researched
11. Multiple weapons images are now shown for each weapon in the library and fixed the laser and plasma weapon images being switched, moved down the main weapon schematic so that it doesn't overlap with the title, increased the width and height of the left large box to fit the weapon description text and replaced it with the draw_box function, moved the library section buttons at the bottom to have equal spacing and make room so they do not overlap with the weapon graphs, and added a box behind the weapon images for each weapon
12. Updated the default keys to show the arrows keys as changing battlecruiser power states and tab as satellite scanning
13. Shifted the scroll bar to the left and the text box to the right in the email room and added a line between the e-mail stats and the e-mail message and the e-mail date in the e-mail stats, and fixed the dates of some e-mails being 0 or being the wrong date
14. Added icons for EMP missiles and the Pathfinder
15. Fixed mission 7 crashing the game because it did not have the "detected" variable, finished mission 7's triggers, and the AI crashing the game in mission 7
16. Attraction and Dispersal research tech are now unlocked from the start of the game, which stops them from causing missiles to have max timers of 0 which crashes the game
17. Fixed mission 14 crashing the game because allied units were not being assigned the attack order properly so they were not getting a number of targets assigned
18. Princeps and Triarus units stolen in mission 4 now can be used in missions
19. SL shields now absorb 2 points of damage per point of SL shield and now show "S:" instead of "G:" in the damage text message
20. Updated mission 12 dialogue, removed alert enemies, and changed default enemy AI to formation
21. Enemy missile sites fixed to be now permanently cloaked
22. Added a formation for player units to maintain their current positions while moving at the same speed- actually it only makes them move at the same speed
23. Fixed mission 2 writing the names of the sender in the story message and added radio frequencies in each mission and a new message type, encrypted
24. Hastatus damage decreased to 5 and reload speed decreased from .05 to .04
25. Replaced dialogue for mission 7 and replaced message from "A. PRAETOR" to "DUGALLE" in mission 8 and added dialogue for mission 9
26. Fixed the win button sending the player to the mission menu instead of the map since the win button's text changed
27. Added a warning animation message for campaign events that are very important
28. Fixed prop assist crashing the game when a unit comes out of it with an enemy unit in range since it did not use the give_order function so it did not assign the amount of targets
29. Fixed Arbiter's passive flares crashing the game if the target missile's target no longer exists when firing the flare

1. Fixed plasma towers not having the variables for ambush mode which crashed the game and changed its model colour to red
2. Fixed missile towers having blue models in mission 12
3. Story messages now have their message type at the bottom of the message written in gray instead of black and added frequencies for enemy communication
4. Fixed pings not working for pings on x y locations and made them work for any zoom level
5. Fixed triarii and principes units in mission 4 not being properly created so that their portraits were not visible at the bottom of the screen
6. Fixed units' shot lines switching from the target they shot to their next target when the first target dies
7. Fixed Mainbase not being able to be permanently offline and not updating its direction when offline
8. Add New User button now changes text to "Press to Add User" to make it clear that the player has to press the button to confirm the name
9. Fixed the Mainbase drawing its hero portrait twice and made flagships have a less transparent portrait
10. Battlecruiser power states can now be switched to directly with the arrow keys instead of having to tab through them with the tab key and this is now the default key
11. Added the ability to put battlecruisers in repair mode which shuts them down but slowly regenerates up to 50% of their maximum health
12. Luminus damage decreased from 100 to 50, sniper damage decreased from 200 to 100
13. Starstrike, Veritas, and Aileram weapon types changed to "blade" and Starstrike damage decreased from 200 to 100
14. Added tech dependencies to abilities and what research upgrades unlock in the research lab
15. Fixed Mobile SL field description calling it a GN field and made it require SL tech
16. The Venator's Variable ion shotgun, the Moonruner's ion shotgun, and the Mariner's mobile SL field and anti plasma field are now locked until ion weapon technology, SL technology and Plasma technology respectively are unlocked
17. Fixed the starslash's guardian shield appearing as available even once it was researched and could no longer be purchased- actually it was all aircraft abilities
18. Increased the size of the abilities' description box in the aircraft and the left large box
19. draw_box now has four gray lines drawn inside the box and added the option to add a title
20. Replaced all the buttons with the default button sprite outside of the missions menu with a new sprite
21. Fixed shift order queue not activating if the units' AI caused them to target a unit and A clicking or Z clicking will now reset the mouse
22. Moved battlecruiser portraits to the left to line up with the ability reload bars, added space between reload bars, and moved the icons and weapon and power states to the left when the portrait background is active and updated the options menu button for the battlecruiser portraits and increased the size of the box background and made the icon move when the image background was selected
23. Added vision modes that can be used by pressing the tab button
24. Added life bars on battlecruiser portraits
25. Fixed game starting in menu resolution
26. Added internal e-mails, e-mails now scroll, and added dates between the e-mail buttons to separate them with new e-mail button sprites, and removed the read/unread text and replaced it with e-mail button two sprites
27. Buttons outside of the mission menu now change to the default font after their animation
28. Fixed Mainbase moving when right clicking to cancel an ability
29. Added portrait at the top left for the scanner

1. Updated the first 18 missions of the campaign
2. Fixed warning messages sounds not stopping if another message was displayed
3. Enemy Hastatus units no longer fire missiles if the player has not been detected
4. Story messages now have a minimum length of 200
5. Alert_enem_on_sight now changes the enemy AI to formation AI
6. Propulsion assist units now work for non buildable units
7. Missile towers will now stop attacking if their target is outside of their missile's range
8. Enemy Principes now only move if they are online
9. Added ion shotgun to replace the Venator's shotgun and fixed draw_arc to work with abilities other than the normal ion shotgun using the shotgun's constant range, and displayed the ion shotgun ammo on the in game icon
10. Enemy units can now attack units outside of their detection range but inside their weapon range, and optimised enemy orders
11. Added Desolator and Stormbreaker and Stormsunder Alliance units in the campaign
12. Added target AI for enemies to focus on a target before acquiring a new one
13. Added map pings
14. Fixed EMP missile crashing the game because they did not have the variables for the new turning system, and made them start with the same direction as the Mainbase's direction
15. Arbiter passive flares now fire at missiles even if their target is not the arbiter
16. Arbiter the mirage ability to the wraith
17. Fixed enemy unit attacks being able to hit unselectable units based if the enemy unit was selectable instead of based on the target being selectable
18. Fixed bug where deleting enemy units in the simulation room causes a crash where the enemy unit does not exist
19. Fixed bug that caused enemy units to only be able to attack if they were selectable
20. Moved the help text at the bottom of the simulation room up
21. Fixed the dispersal technology icons being switched
22. When activated moveattack will now use the current target if it can be hit instead of immediately switching to the closest target
23. Mech cooldown texts under the battlecruiser icons now have an ammo bar to show their current life
24. Added weapon cooldown texts for the armillian and liberator under their battlecruiser icons in game
25. Enemy Velites now cloak when attacking
26. Fixed attack, moveattack, and aggressivemove orders for scripted events not damaging enemies
27. Added throttle for enemy units so they can move at the same speed
28. Added minimap unit icons
29. Fixed moveattacking units drawing a line to invisible targets

1. Research projects now have their own icons
2. Added sound effects
3. Fixed big that caused pulse flare grenades to crash the game since missiles did not have a movement type
4. Moved the imges ability to the Venator and added a multiple images ability based on target allied units to the Mariner
5. Added map icons in the navigation room
6. Added map base for the Toulouse base
7. Added rectangle and grid behind unit plans in the assembly room, added a wireframe and filled in version of the unit plans that partially load from the left and then changed from the wireframe to the filled in version
8. Invisible units now only automatically find and attack targets if they have been detected
9. Menu backgrounds are now white by default and changed the menu title box animation to gray
10. Menu names are now behind a black box and have a new menu buttons icon to the right of them during the menu animation
11. The grid in the simulation room is now blue and was updated
12. increased the opacity of the battlecruiser status at the top of the screen in the battlecruiser status portraits, moved the portraits down, added an image for the ship portrait background box and made it the default setting
13. Moved the total units bar up
14. Fixed the Arma's SL shield showing -1 as the hotkey when activated
15. The unit stats window on the left of the screen in game now has a white background
16. Added a sound tab to the options menu and added a master volume slider
17. Added tabs in the e-mail section to switch between internal, intercepted allies, and intercepted rebel messages
18. Fixed the first e-mail message appearing in the e-mail room when first entering the room and added messages for each tab when an e-mail has not been selected
19. Added a passive missile flare ability to Arbiters
20. Added a button to save and load different profiles that each have their own saved game progress
21. Added a passive paladin shield that absorbs only one hit for a maximum of 50 absorbed damage with the rest of the damage going through the shield which recharges after eight seconds, to the Arbiter
22. Fixed paladin shield and guardian shield recharging before it would detect it had dropped to 0 which would not allow it to break
23. Added formations for enemy units and added a formation AI that can be selected with the AI button
24. Fixed Havoks not starting their offline timer when starting as shut down in mission 5 once the player had been detected
25. Added Pathfinder Drones that the Pathfinder can deploy and return
26. Fixed enemy units detection from 1 to .6
27. The Arbiter's burst shield and the Pathfinder's anti missile weapon state now have to be unlocked in the Aircraft Lab
28. Fixed the font of the terrain and formation buttons in game
29. Added the ability to make any battlecruiser a flagship in the simulation room

1. Replaced enemy praetors in missions 2, 6, and 17 for the new enemy praetors
2. Allied and enemy units can now user the laser ability automatically and will display "friendly fire" and "laser hit" depending on the target's owner and their own owner
3. Fixed bug that caused batrlecruiser upgrades to crash the game for the Liberator since it only had one weapon
4. Fixed bug that caused anti missile weapon systems to crash the game sine missiles did not have detection ranges or detection levels
5. Fixed enemy units being able to attack cloaked units while move attacking
6. Maps 13 through 18 improved, so now all contour maps improved
7. Move attack and aggressive move no longer use the old mouse target system
8. Increased the opacity of the unit stats text on the left of the in mission screen from .8 to .9 and increased the opacity of the unit stats background from .2 to .25- increased from .25 to .5
9. MMV missile deployment range decreased from 1000 to 500
10. Spread out the Tsunamis in mission 11
11. Enemy Praetors can now launch the Urdswan
12. Moved the total units bar up from 25 to 5 height at the top of the the in mission screen
13. Replaced the old Scramguns icon and updated its name and description
14. Increased the size of the box around upgrades in the battlecruiser lab to fit the plasma shield upgrade
15. Mainbase plasma shield improved to have an active recharge
16. Fixed Mainbase plasma shield not getting unlocked after researching plasma technology
17. Increased the height of the boxes in the Mainbase Lab, made the ability description text fit inside the box, moved the upgrades box down, increased the spacing between the ability name and the ability description, moved the stats box down, and moved the Return button down

1. Added title in in mission intro animation
2. Messenger room now automatically starts slizer responses instead of the player having to press a button for them to start
3. Updated tutorial text from "[Left Mouse Button] and drag to select multiple units." to "[Left Mouse Button] and drag to select multiple units in an area." and from "[Right Mouse Button] on a location with units selected to order them to move there.
[Right Mouse Button] on an enemy red unit to order your units to attack it." to "[Right Mouse Button] on a location to order units to move there.
[Right Mouse Button] on an enemy (red unit) to order units to attack it."
4. Added "Selecting Units", "With Units Selected", "Additional Commands" and "Abilities" sections to tutorial messages and have the rest of the text indented- removed indentation
5. Fixed typos and made tutorial messages shorter
6. Added battlecruiser and army tutorial messages
7. Added tutorial message numbers out of total tutorial messages at the top of the tutorial messages so the player knows how many messages are left
8. Rebel Hunters are now invisible when at full shields and moving or stopped
9. Enemy units are now completely invisible when they have low visibility or are not selectable
10. Redid entire stealth and detection system
11. Now all units, player and enemy will have the same transparency as their visibility
12. Player units will now face the direction they are facing even when offline
13. Player units can no longer be selected with the drag box when they are unselectable
14. Hunters now only fire plasma balls if enemies are in front of them
15. The simulation room now changes background colour t dark blue once the simulation has started and changes the background image to a new grid effect
16. Added a tooltip to the simulation room button
17. Reordered e-mail messages for future missions
18. Mainbase now also uses tab to switch power states and spacebar to switch weapons
19. Mainbase secondary weapon range increased from 200 to 400 and weapon reload speed changed from .05 to .04
20. Lasers now show a "LASER HIT" or "FRIENDLY FIRE" message when they hit a target
21. Battlecruiser weapon upgrades are now applied to both weapon states and will not be lost if the weapon state is changed
22. Added more e-mail messages for future missions
23. Decreased the space between the e-mail buttons and moved them up
24. Added a help section in the library
25. Added Urdswan mobile armour
26. Added enemy praetor unit to be used in the campaign
27. Added Aquilifer battlecruiser to Allies units
28. Squall firing angles now includes angles -120 to 120, and decreased the first two firing angles from -80 and 80 to -60 and 60

1. Increased the size of the abilities box in the battlecruiser shop to fit 5 abilities
2. Fixed "Heavy Artilley" ability name to "Heavy Artillery" and updated the description to include the random shots and the increase in accuracy while firing
3. Fixed the battlecruiser shop crashing when selecting the Imperator by adding the AML State ability to the list
4. Fixed the "Anti Missile Lasers State" ability name to "Anti Missile Lasers State"- updated to "Anti Missile Weapons State"
5. Now only selectable units can be hit with normal unit attacks
6. Mainbase fixed to only be able to attack selectable units
7. Black Out field made less transparent
8. All units now become selectable at the end of the step
9. In game text alert background transparency increased from .28 to .4
10. Added the Black Out field, scram gun, and heavy artillery ammo counters to the hero portraits at the top of the screen in game
11. The Messenger room now delays messages typed by slizer and shows "slizer88 is typing a message." during that time
12. Increased the width of the bar in the middle of the screen in game showing how many of each player's units have been lost to two pixels
13. Enemies now move attack when evading
14. The Bellator's Scram Gun and Heavy Artillery abivlities can now have their keys rebound
15. Reduced the space between messages in the Messenger room, made the message names dark gray, moved the messages to the right slightly, and made the text box slightly higher
16. Right clicking with a unit no longer changes the mouse sprite to the mouse cursor
17. Enemy Monsoons and Hurricanes now use the enemy_ship behaviour and will display a game message when they are destroyed
18. Enemy rotational acceleration decreased
19. Hurricane A and Hurricane B turn speed decreased from 1 to .5, Monsoon A turn speed decreased from .8 to .4, Monsoon B turn speed decreased from .6 to .28
20. Fixed the AI button not properly stopping enemy units when changing to no AI
21. Hunter turn speed decreased from 2 to 1
22. Blizzard turn speed decreased from 2 to .75, Hailstorm turn speed from 1 to .5, Orage turn speed decreased from .5 to .25
23. Tab now switches battlecruiser power states and spacebar changes battlecruiser weapons
24. Fixed when right clicking to cancel an ability, the mouse would keep the targeting sprite and have image speed
25. Laser, Mainbase Laser, Railguns, Scramguns, and Ion Shotgun now use draw_mouse_target
26. Fixed Ion Shotgun icon not showing in game
27. Replaced the ECM ability's icon in menus to use the proper sprite
28. Updated the backgrounds of maps 9 through 12

1. Put names for all story dialogue in game messages and replaced the already existing names that were on the first line of some dialogue boxes
2. Replace the message "Back me up!" in mission 2 with "BACK ME UP"
3. Story messages boxes height increased so that the channel type has more space between it and the message
4. Movement speed of all units halfed. This setting can be changed in the Gameplay tab of the options menu
5. Fixed Messenger button updating to not all upper case text
6. The image next to the ship icons button in the art tab of the options menu is now shifted down to line up with the button
7. Added a button under the ship icons button to put a background behind the battlecruiser portraits in game
8. Molniya range increased from 550 to 650
9. All units now have rotational acceleration
10. Added stop() function to set state to 'stop', and movement, formation, and turn speeds to 0
11. Mainbase now accelerates like normal units after it has stopped
12. Unit current and max turn speeds are now shown in the unit stats UI on the left the screen in game
13. Added Scram Gun to the Bellator. The old Scramgun will be renamed
14. Added mortar to Bellator
15. Abilities that use turning now also have rotational acceleration
16. Optimised the railgun ability
17. Added research to double the duration of field effects
18. Added research to increase the area of effect of fields by 50%
19. Increased Freedom warning time from 160 frames to 5 seconds and Freedom's shot reload time from 10 seconds to 20 seconds and the shot no longer follows units when firing
20. Enemies now try to avoid lasers, scramguns, anti missile fields and anti plasma fields
21. Laser cannons now have different charge up times, the Imperator now takes 200 frames while the Arma takes 150 frames
22. Tempest II turn rate decreased from 2 to 1
23. Enemy units can now move attack
24. Added target ally ability to the Pathfinder
25. Updated the menu buttons font
26. Fixed the buy upgrade button in the aircraft lab not updating when the ability upgrade was selected and the player switched between different aircraft
27. The game will now start in your native resolution
28. Added Black Out Smoke missile ability to the Praetor
29. Player units now have to be selectable to issue orders to them, enemies can only attack selectable player units, and player units are only drawn if selectable- last one removed

1. All menu buttons names are now typed in upper case letters
2. Optimised smoke clouds
3. Both player and enemy units can now detect invisible units
4. Updated the menu buttons font
5. Smoke clouds now appear below units
6. Fixed deceleration at the end of movement starting at a fixed time and stopping units too soon if they had not reached their maximum speed
7. Moved the unit stats sidebar in the game UI down to not overlap with the battlecruiser icon ammunition variables and made it longer to be behind the unit detection variable stat
8. Fixed cursor disappearing after exiting a level through the pause menu after the mission had been won
9. Added a bar above the number of units that shows which player has lost more units
10. Fixed the simulation room always showing 0 total enemy units
11. When the view is automatically moved, the mouse cursor is no longer centered
12. Double pressing the Battlecruiser hotkeys now properly moves the screen to center on their location
13. Added a second art style for the battlecruiser portraits which be changed in the options menu
14. Increased the distance between the battlecruiser portraits in game
15. Lined up the enemy AI, player AI, Terrain, and Formation buttons in game
16. The Vertias, Luminus, Arma, and Starstrike now only regenerate energy when in detection range of the Armillian, and will be shut down if they run out of energy while outside the range. If they get shut down they cannot be ordered to return to the Armillian and instead must be rescued by bringing the Armillian to them
17. The in game mouse is know a cursor instead of an object, so its size will not change when zooming in and out
18. The in game mouse will now only appear after the intro animation "Turning control over to user" has appeared
19. Valkyrie missiles now use the default missile script
20. All missiles now use the new mouse target script so that the mouse cursor is removed when aiming an ability
21. Avalanche base armour increased from 20 to 25 and increased to 50 in final forms
22. Mariner's SLF missile ammo decreased from 10 to 8 and SLF field missile duration increased from 25 to- nevermind
23. Valkyrie supply cost increased from 5 to 8, Wraith supply cost increased from 5 to 6, Starmaker supply cost increased from 8 to 15, Starslash supply cost increased from 8 to 15, Princeps supply cost increased from 5 to 10, and Princeps supply cost increased from 8 to 20
24. Units with beam weapons now have a beam weapon model shown on them
25. The simulation room now has beam weapons for player aircraft
26. Moved the unit load out indicators at the top of the simulation room down and added a title
27. Added a white rectangle behind the hero which can be turned on in the art tab of the options menu
28. Added a black box in the story message dialogue box for the name of the sender
29. Fixed bug that caused enemies attacking units inside the mobile SL field to crash the game because the SL field did not have a GNshield_ on variable

1. Moonrunner and Venator ion shotgun icons now show both the cooldown and ammunition for the Venator and only the ammunition for the Moonrunner
2. AML state ability now has a model to show what units are using it
3. Fixed missile redirect ability not checking if there were any enemy missiles which crashed the game if there were none
4. Allied units in mission 8 now move to attack enemy units when the mission starts
5. Fixed bug with Stormbringers in mission 8 not having a number assigned to how many rockets to fire which crashed the game
6. Berkuts now use the enemy red model
7. Molniyas can now detect cloaked units above .25 visibility
8. Fixed enemies so that they can attack units in stealth if they can detect them
9. Plasma shield health bar shown under units is now constantly .5 transparency and weapon type icons in game are now constantly .9 transparency for both player and enemy units and moved it to the right
10. Enemy units now draw their current state in the same location as player units and with the same transparency
11. Height of weapon reload bar doubled
12. Added a model for detectors, any unit that can detect units under .5 visibility
13. Mainbase detection level set to .1
14. Player units' health in the UI now goes from green to red instead of green to black, and enemy units health now goes from red to darker red, and shield is now a lighter shade of blue
15. Updated enemy stats display in the in game UI to show "WDMG" instead of "WEPN" for weapon damage
16. Bellator and Imperator turns speeds decreased from 1.5 to 1
17. Fixed bug that caused the ignore formation command to be set by default until the player pressed Alt
18. Added detection level to the player and enemy unit stats display in the UI
19. Added Aileram's current state to the Praetors UI abilities at the top of the screen
20. Aileram display name changed from "AILRAM" to "AILRM"
21. Fixed the turn to function to turn at the same rate as the rate at which units normally turn
22. Paladin shield timer now starts at '0 so the shield doesn't have to be activated once for the reload bar in the UI at the top of screen to show as green
23. Deactivating the paladin shield now resets the timer to 0
24. Plasma shot cooldown for the tempest increased from 500 steps to 10 seconds
25. Starslash display name changed from "STSLSH" to "STSLS"
26. Missile Turret display name changed from "MSL TRT" to "MSL_TRT"
27. Remote Mine display name changed from "'RMT_MINE'" to "RMT_MNE"
28. Mobile SL Field Missile display name changed from "MGN_MSL" to 'MSF_MSL'

1. Reduced the prices of the Wraith's cloak from 400 to 200, the Striker's railguns from 400 to 200, and the Starslash's guardian shield from 500 to 250
2. Fixed units automatically turning to fire weapons with attack angles so that front facing attacks and side attacks both work no matter which angle the enemy is at
3. Added burst ability to Zero
4. Added overdrive ability to Aileram
5. Fixed Mainbase crashing the game if an ability past number 2 was bought out of order
6. Added slider to change the minimap size in the art section of the options menu
7. Added text boxes and backgrounds in the hangar room
8. Reduced the number of Mobile SL Field missiles on the mariner from 20 to 10
9. AML State now is registered as an ability for the Imperator and Pathfinder so it will appear in the library, and the hotkey can be changed for each unit.
10. Fixed the name of the counter in the planning stage from "GN Shields" to "SL Shields"
11. Added missile redirect ability to the Pathfinder
12. Added boxes behind the stats in the aircraft and battlecruiser labs and behind the purchase button in the aircraft lab, expanded the box behind the abilities description in the battlecruiser lab
13. Added text boxes behind the "Ships", "Missiles", and unit names in the assembly room, and on the "Missiles" section in the battlecruiser lab
14. Added a new font for menu buttons
15. The Princeps, Triarus, Aquila, Reaper, EMP mine, and Pathfinder are now available for building and upgrading, and the Pathfinder can now be placed in the simulation room
16. Enemy units can now detect cloaked units inside their detection range if the visibility is greater than the enemy unit's detection
17. Made new icons for player units that will be used in the Planning room an made the use ship buttons not use the button parent
18. Reduced the space between the ship icons in the Assembly room and moved their names to line up vertically
19. Replaced the "Next unit" button in the Aircraft Lab with buttons for each aircraft
20. Added SL Shield to Starmaker and Starslash that is unlocked when SL technology is researched
21. Added two beam weapons that are unlocked with particle technology research and give a unit in the planning room a powerful beam weapon
22. Fixed the Triarus' second weapon overriding its first weapon
23. Fixed Prop Assist units not dying when damaged
24. Fixed bug where pressing F10 to go to the pause menu makes a map persistent even after pressing the victory button until going back to that mission and exiting through the menu
25. Ambush mode now starts out on the ground and changes to air movement when it has started moving
26. Starmaker reload speed increased from .006 to .025, damage decreased from 50 to 25 and range increased from 200 to 400
27. Moonrunner flares duration increased from 4 seconds to 8 seconds
28. Added single shot ion shotgun ability to Moonrunner
29. Ion Shotgun icon now turns grey when out of ammunition

1. Added side views for the smaller aircraft in the Assembly room
2. Added fighter AI that makes fighters move faster when not facing the target while attacking, and fixes them turning to face target too soon
3. Added unit types such as hover, fighter, destroyer, and battlecruiser
4. MGN missile name is now SL Field Missile and fixed bug that caused it to crash the game because it did not have variables for shields
5. Added remote EMP mine to player units list so it can be placed in the planning stage
6. Added animation to text messages and optimized them
7. Added waveform animation and bar model to the mission briefing room and the messages room that change as messages are sent
8. Added messenger status icon in the messenger room
9. Added a separate model for fighters
10. Finished the sideviews for all buildable units
11. Map locations now fade in in the navigation room and added area name and faction name in the top right
12. Added hull indicators in the structure tab of the Mainbase Structure tab
13. Hurricane A and Hurricane B now have plasma rockets instead of normal rockets that create a plasma ball that sticks to the target for 10 seconds, and the Hurricane A now only fires one rocket
14. Added model for laminate shield
15. Fixed Mainbase, Venator, and Mariner drawing themselves twice making them less transparent
16. Added box around and moved the ability text in the battlecruiser lab up
17. Fixed "Deploys the Aileram mech to fight on it's own. When damaged it can return to the Praetor to repait." to "Deploys the Aileram mech to fight on its own. When damaged it can return to the Praetor to repair." for the Aileram ability description
18. Moved the icon next to the start mission button to the right of the button
19. The default menu colour is now dark blue instead of dark gray- removed
20. Fixed Hurricane A's anti laser missile not firing,reduced the ammo from 4 to 2 and increased the cooldown from 60 seconds to 120 seconds
21. Improved the menu icons and battlecruiser icons
22. Improved the mech model
23. Added battlecruiser icons for the Armillian and the Liberator
24. Moonrunner attack speed increased from .25 to .4
25. Added AML state ability to the pathfinder and the Imperator.
26. Fixed the nearest_unit function changing the detection level of units
27. Fixed enemy missile turrets crashing the game if there are no player units for it to target
28. Enemy missiles now detonate when colliding with flares
29. Fixed remote EMP mines placed in the planning stage or simulation room being visible

1. Edited the icons for battlecruiser power states
2. The Player AI button will now only change units from passive to aggressive or vice versa, and will not change the AI of units with different AI
3. Removed four Valkyries and added one Arbiter and one Striker from the starting player units
4. Added weapon type icons next to the weapon load out numbers in the planning room
5. Unit names in the planning room now have a black box behind them with white text to differentiate them from the other unit stats and moved the unit group to the left of the unit name and moved the name infront of the models for the add-ons to the unit
6. Units that have not yet been purchased are now shown in black in the planning room
7. Added a box behind the enemy units in the planning room
8. Units in the planning room now show their x and y coordinates when moved
9. Lines are now shown from the mouse cursor to the sides of the screen when placing a unit as well as the mouse coordinates in the planning room
10. A box is now shown on the mouse cursor and if there are more units of the selected type available then a transparent image of the unit being placed is shown on the unit cursor
11. Added a beam weapon with limited ammunition to the player and AI Triarus
12. AI Triarus default weapon changed to firearm
13. Added Aquila super fighter to Allies
14. Added Aquilifer carrier to Allies
15. Magshields now only activate if the player's unit is selected
16. Squall now moves if it is attacking, not both when it is attacking and stopped
17. Allied units can now no longer be controlled using the control button
18. Moved the top of the text box in the mission briefing room up and moved the "enter" button down into the text box
19. Replaced the menu animation in the navigation room with a menu title "navigation", made sure that the return to mission menu button moves down with the map, and changed the background to be permanently white
20. Fixed menu buttons using "selected" as both an indicator of whether the button was just pressed, and whether it was supposed to be toggled on or off
21. Fixed damage text not showing up at all when enabled
22. Added a third weapon load out for the laser turret with 200 damage, .001 reload speed, and 200 range.
23. Increased the attack speed of the second laser turret weapon load out from .005 to .01
24. Added a third weapon load out for the missile turret with 180 damage, .04 reload speed, and 100 range
25. Missile turret's missiles' range and speed now correctly corresponds to the selected weapon load out
26. Added a "systems" variable to make every unit except for the Mainbase and the Zero, which are optical
27. Updated the Mainbase's movement system to it moves like other units
28. Added power states to the Mainbase

1. Added icons for battlecruiser power states
2. Added a model for unknown units
3. Made the Avalanche in mission 11 an unknown unit at the start with unknown name, which is id'd after four seconds
4. Added model for ambush units
5. Added the ambush model in the planning room and simulation room
6. Units in the simulation room now draw SL field, prop assist, and ambush models over the unit model- removed for stylistic choice and diversity
7. Units now take one second to become visible after coming out of ambush mode
8. Moonrunner turn speed decreased from 5 to 2
9. Added long range rockets to the Aquila
10. Draw_missile function updated to include rockets and now allows missiles that don't need a unit target to be fired when clicking on a target unit
11. All ground units now appear below air units
12. Added icon to show power state next to battlecruiser's names
13. Moved weapon type icon to the bottom right of the unit to avoid overlapping with the battlecruiser power state
14. Changed the reverse engineering hoverplanes technology research sprite to the magshield sprite
15. Updated the EMP protection research text from "Upgrade the fleet's fulls " to "Upgrade the fleet's hulls" and changed the icon for ion weapons from the laser sprite to the plasma shield sprite
16. Research Lab is now divided into subjects with technology research in each to eventually be a tree
17. Updated the map locations to only appear when on the correct map and updated their locations

1. Added the firing angle graphic when turning units in the planning stage
2. Added Wraith II to player units
3. Remote mines now need to be activated by pressing a hotkey
4. Remote mines no longer come out of ambush mode
5. Remote mines no longer can be hit with rockets or missiles unless specifically targeted
6. Enemy missiles now use their display name and the word 'DWN' instead of 'ENEMY MISSILE DOWN'
7. Fixed bug that caused placing enemy units in the simulation room to crash the game
8. Princeps turn rate increased from 1.5 to 10
9. Triarus turn rate increased from 1.5 to 5
10. Added Spectre to player units
11. Fixed bug that caused clicking on a unit without a weapon type like the missile turret to crash the game
12. Menu background colour is now applied to the map
13. The default menu background has been changed to background number 2
14. Plasma shot no longer hits ground units unless specifically targeted
15. Plasma ball no longer hits ground units unless specifically targeted
16. Plasma howitzer, scramguns, railguns, and lasers no longer hits ground units unless specifically targeted
17. Optimised Laser and Mainbase Laser
18. Missile turrets now cannot be ordered to move
19. Turrets can no longer be ordered to move attack or aggressive move, and can't be ordered to stop unless they are out of ambush mode
20. Added prop assist, ambush, and SL field icons with prop assist and SL field text indicators to the simulation room
21. Updated the help text in the simulation room
22. Updated the "GN shields" to "SL shields" in the planning room and simulation room
23. Fixed the ambush counter not updating in the simulation room
24. Made a function for help menus and help menus are now different for each room
25. Fixed pausing a simulation and trying to go back to the game resulting in starting the current mission instead
26. F11 no longer goes to the pause menu
27. Player units now decelerate on arrival when ordered to attack a unit
28. Air units that start in ambush mode are now considered as ground units until they come out of ambush mode
29. Units on the ground now have a transparent filled in circle when selected

1. Player unit weapon reload bar now moved to the right of the unit and made vertical
2. Multishot key changed from left alt to right left
3. Moved the selected units' rectangles behind the model in the planning room
4. Added "Abilities:#Missile Flares" to the Moonrunner tooltip in the planning room
5. Increased Aquila max speed from .4 to .5
6. Added Bartail teansport to Alliance units
7. Fixed bug that caused the remote mines in mission 18 to crash the game because they di not have weapon load outs or unit load outs saved
8. Mission 18 renamed from "Operation Survive" to "Operation Retribution"
9. Enemy units that spawn other units now create the spawned units facing the same direction as them
10. Reduced Princeps missile range to 400 and ammunition to 8
11. Added Seagull to Alliance units
12. Moonrunner max speed increased from .6 to .65
13. Fixed the Plasma and SL tech research upgrades to not overwrite the tech from purchased to available (only happens if there is a bug that causes the tech to be downgraded)
14. Added a laser damage research upgrade
15. Added a laser range research upgrade
16. Added Velite to Alliance units
17. Updated shotgun description and renamed it to Ion Shotgun
18. Ambush, prop assist and GN shields can now all be applied to the same unit in the planning stage
19. Moved the group number above the unit name, moved the weapon load out below the unit name, and put the ambush, prop assist, and SL shield indicators on separate lines below the weapon load out in the planning room
20. Added prop assist and SL shield for player units in the simulator room
21. Stealth now uses stealth level to compare to enemy unit's detection level. This allows for some units to be detected by certain other units
22. Mariner detection set to max
23. Added visualization for keyboard layout based on key bindings
24. Increased Striker's primary weapon load out's damage from 50 to 100
25. Fixed Aquila and Reaper hotkeys being switched with their names in the hotkey tab of the options menu
26. Updated the Starmaker's plans
27. Added localized maps for each segment of the story
28. The supplies icon now turns gray when maximum supplies are used in the planning room
29. Added UI icons for ambush, prop assist, and GN fields in the planning stage, moved them up and put them in a rectangle

1. Player unit weapon reload bar now moved to the right of the unit and made vertical
2. Added weapon type icons next to unit names
3. Added propulsion assist vehicles in the planning stage to allow a unit to travel quickly at the start of the game
4. Added non rechargeable GN shields in the planning stage to give a unit GN shields
5. Added GN technology in the research lab, made all GN shields dependent on this research upgrade
6. Renamed all GN technology to SL technology
7. Fixed "A sheild made of special particles." to "A shield made of SL particles." in the Mainbase lab
8. Starslash no longer has guardian shield without purchasing the ability from the aircraft lab
9. The Apply Changes button in the hotkey tab of the options menu now has a button model
10. Moved the Apply Changes button in the hotkey tab of the options menu down and to the left
11. Reduced extra missile prices by half
12. Fixed the tech lab to start on missile redirect instead of plasma tech
13. Fixed spelling mistakes in the shield section of the library and added extra information for how the shields work in game
14. SL particle shield cost in the Mainbase lab reduced from 750 to 500
15. Plasma shield cost in the Mainbase lab reduced from 500 to 400
16. Help menu text updated to indicate buttons with brackets
17. Added Hurricane A and Hurricane B to the enemy unit list, so they will be available in the library and simulator
18. Moved AI and start buttons in the simulator to make room for the extra Rebel units
19. draw_missile function now sets the missile direction to the unit's direction when firing individual missiles
20. Fixed Reaper and Aquila getting the wrong weapon load outs
21. Added Pathfinder to player units
22. Added rectangle in the aircraft lab around the upgrade buttons
23. Added rectangle in the battlecruiser lab around the upgrade buttons
24. Hangar now only shows units that you own
25. In menu mouse cursor model now centered to stay consistent with the in game mouse cursor model
26. Main menu button text changed from "Main Menu" to "Log Out"
27. Added Aileram and ECM to the battlecruiser abilities list in the library
28. Updated the Armillian and Liberator's descriptions
29. Fixed bug that caused the Wraith to stay permanently cloaked if placed in ambush mode at the start of the game

1. The Paladin shield model now has its colours inverted to properly use colour shading
2. Last patch had a full screen option in the graphic tab of the options menu
3. Updated the plasma field model
4. Added a health bar for plasma shields
5. Fixed Millian only having one Longbow missile
6. Fixed Millian's display name from "MILLON" to 'MLAN'
7. Fixed Millian's name from "Million" to "Millian"
8. Fixed bug that caused the Mainbase to crash the game if EMP missiles had not yet been researched
9. Enter button in the Messenger room moved to the middle, text box moved up
10. Fixed GN shield crashing game if not researched
11. Fixed stealth crashing game if not researched
12. Winning a mission now no longer removes the cursor
13. Fixed right clicking in the planning room removing the cursor
14. Fixed mission 2 to fail if the Praetor is destroyed
15. Moved the two EMP mines in mission 2 further forward
16. Arbiter turn rate decreased from 8 to 1
17. Arbiter attack angles changes from -120º to 120º, to -150º to -30º and 30º to 150º

1. Added models for GN shield, paladin shield, and plasma field
2. Fixed bug that caused adding Aquilas and Reapers in the simulator to crash the game since they did not have alternative weapons
3. Fixed bug that caused adding Principes and Triarii in the simulator to crash the game since they were not considered standard player units and were not being included in the alternative weapons list
4. Added alternative weapons for the Aquila and Reaper, and upgrades for the Aquila, Reaper, Princeps, and Triarus
5. Fixed bug that caused battlecruisers such as the Imperator to crash the game because they did not have the y position to draw abilities
6. Zero, Aileram, Veritas, Luminus, Arma, and Starstrike now can only activate GN shield if they are selected
7. Added eight Starslashes and 2 Molniyas to mission 7, removed 6 Valkyries and 2 Wraiths
8. Key rebinding buttons now appear on one screen
9. The draw buttons function can now wrap the button name
10. Key rebinding now changes the keys in the game
11. Fixed bug that caused the Valkyrie missiles to crash the game if there were no enemy units
12. Added a cursor to the menus
13. Removed Windows cursor
14. Added draw weapon ammo and cooldown for the Venator's shotgun below the battlecruiser icons if the player has unlocked shotgun
15. When selecting a unit button to make more units in the simulation room, the mouse cursor will now change like in the planning room
16. Mechs now use other units' updated and rebindable hotkeys
17. Added a graphics tab to the menu with resolution and aspect ratio options

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