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Version 8.0 of Hard Doom has finally been released!

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Hard Doom v8

V8 Change List


  1. Added a new Zombieman variant. Spawn rates for Zombiemen are now 75%/20%/5%.
  2. Added a new Shotgunner variant. Spawn rates for Shotgunners are now 75%/20%/5%.
  3. All second enemy variants now spawn at a 8% chance except for ones that have a third variant.
  4. All second enemy variants now have the same HP as vanilla Doom enemies (was +25%).
  5. All third enemy variants (Rocket Zombie, Quad-Shotgunner, Crackodemon) now spawn at a 5% chance.
  6. All third enemy variants now have +25%HP instead of +50%HP.
  7. Raised the Rocket Zombie's damage reduction to 82% (from 78%) from his own rocket. This is due to now having 5 less HP.
  8. Raised the Necrodemon spawn rate to 10% (was 8%).
  9. Raised the Visage spawn rate to 32% (was 16%).
  10. The Dark Cyber and Dark Spider spawn chance has been raised to 7% from 6.5%.
  11. Lowered the damage of the Daedabus and Mafibus projectiles from 12(1,8) to 10(1,8).
  12. Raised the radius and height of the Pyrodemon's fireshot.
  13. Adjusted the damage on the Pyrodemon's fireshot. Explosion damage is now (32,64) from (96,92), and direct hit damage is now 12(1,8) from 4(1,8). Damage on a direct hit is 44-128, down from 100-128.
  14. Raised the spread on the Pyrodemon's fire shots. Its now -5,0,5 instead of -4,0,4.
  15. Lowered the speed on the Annihilator's homing rockets to 28 (from 30).
  16. Removed the BFG9k attack from the Dark Cyber and replaced it with homing rockets.
  17. Removed the "MissileMore" flag from the Archon of Hell.
  18. Removed the "MissileMore" flag from the Bruiser Demon.
  19. Removed the "MissileEvenMore" flag from the Fusion Arachnotron.
  20. Reverted a change made in v7.1 to the Fusion Arachnotron. It will once again fire 7 projectiles in its missile state instead of 6.
  21. Raised the spread of the Fusion Arachnotron to (-9,9) from (-8,8). It was originally (-10,10) pre 7.1 but with set spread per projectile.
  22. Changed "MissileEvenMore" to "MissileMore" on the Cyberdemon and Spider Mastermind enemies.
  23. Lowered the Quad-Shotgunner's spawn rate to 5% (from 8%).
  24. Adjusted the Quad-Shotgunner's single shot. It now fires 7 bullets for 4 damage (was 8/3). The spread has been changed to 7,2.8 (was 6/3).
  25. The Sonic Railgunner will now fire a minimum of 10 shots at under 1024 range(was 6) and 8 shots between 1024-2048 range(was 6). At 2048+ range it is still 6 shots minimum.
  26. The Sonic Railgunner secondary attack spread was lowered to 1,0.5 (from 1.2,0.6).
  27. Enemies that drop a rare weapon no longer drop the weapon and ammo at the same time.
  28. Added the new BFG10k projectiles to the Dark Spider and Cyberdemon and made them fire 6 shots now instead of 4.
  29. Lowered the spawn height and size of the Hell's Fury's skull projectile. It should no longer collide with low ceilings.
  30. Adjusted the speed and aggressiveness of the Hell's Fury's tracers. They are now the same speed and aggressiveness as Revenant missiles.
  31. Replaced the "MissileEvenMore" flag on the Hell's Fury with "MissileMore".


  1. Removed the Grenade Launcher and Skulltag Railgun.
  2. Adjusted the drop rate of Quad-Shotgun to 30% per Quad-Shotgunner (from 20%). This makes the overall rate about 1.5% per Shotgunguy spawn (was 1.6%).
  3. Adjusted the drop rate of Minigun to 50% per Minigunner (from 100%). This makes the overall rate about 4% per Chaingunner spawn (was 5%).
  4. Adjusted the drop rate of Sonic Railgun to 20% per Sonic Railgunner (was 6.5%). This makes the overall rate about 4% per Zombieman spawn (was 6.18%).
  5. Replaced Doom weapon sounds with PKST hi-res weapon sounds.
  6. Replaced the Minigun sound with the original sound from Skulltag.
  7. Added a small spread to the first two shots of the Sonic Railgun's primary fire (0.5,0.3/0.9,0.6). This way the Chaingun is better for long distance firing against lower tier enemies.
  8. Raised the ammo per pickup on the Sonic Railgun to 40 (from 30).
  9. Changed the BFG10k. It now fires 60 speed projectiles and uses the Q3A sound for them.
  10. Reduced the amount of bullets the Quad-Shotgun fires by 2 (now 53).


  1. Removed the Shotgun and shells from player start. Time for real pistol starting. :)
  2. Added new HUD sprites.
  3. Made some alignment adjustements to the HUD to fit the new sprites better.
  4. Lowered the playback volume of bullets hitting flesh slightly.
  5. Lowered the limit of bullet hit sounds from 12 to 10 at a time.
  6. Replaced the secret sound to the one from the original Tomb Raider.
  7. Converted the remaining footstep and monster sounds to .ogg to lower file size of the mod.
  8. Fixed a small issue with Agathoball GLDefs.
  9. Organized GLDefs and split them into multiple lumps.

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