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Version 6.5 is ready to download with a new game mode King Of the Hill, tweaks, and crash fixes.

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Hello Everyone!

I have finalized and posted v6.5 for everyone to enjoy.

New Features:
* New GUI changes that show the current game mode running on a map when the map loads, and helps hide some of those annoying widgets left on the screen with random Ta on. The gui changes are only visible to the person hosting a lan/server game.

New Game Mode: King of the hill
-Victory Conditions:
* Hold a single command point for as long as possible. The team that holds it the longest wins.
* When map starts, all command points but one are hidden. This lone command point becomes
the objective.
* When a team captures the objective, buying of units is disabled. The other team can buy units.
* When a nuke is detonated, the command point will randomley move to a different location.
* King of the Hill is only playable on domination maps

Setting Files:
* Nuclear weapons can be enabled/disabled through the TA setting file
* Starting AP points can be changed for all map types, decrease to create more tactical battles, or increase to have hectic carnage filled war zones.
* Option has been added to enable/disable King of the Hill mode in the domination map setting file.

OpFor Addons:
* A war-torn scenario has been added, where all buildings and bridges on the map are destroyed at the start of the game.

Ta Changes:
* Heavy Air Support now targets infantry and vehicles on the second and third attack run with two cluster missiles.

Unit Tweaks:
* Snipers no longer have perfect accuracy and their fire rate has been decreased. No worries tho, they are still perfect for dealing with infantry

Crash Fixes:
* Python code has been reworked and added to help prevent crashes on game end and map changes. Code has also been added to help prevent theoretical crashes. Not all crashes have been fixed, but the fixes have made the mod far more stable. If you have any problems, continue to let me know and work with me to solve the problem :-)

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Awesome downloading now!!

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