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Version 5.01 is out ! Check what have been updated !

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Version 5.01 is out !

This is a very small update that fixes the crashs that were introduced with version 5.00. Once installed, the game should now run fine. Please note this patch dosen't fix the incompatibility with Windows XP. This need more time to be fixed.

Changelog :

* Isan no longer spawn in the Viz-Jun town
* Fixed the incorrect spawn of one superunique monster in act 5

* Fixed a crashing bug that occured while clicking on trapped baskets or simillar objects
* Fixed a crashing bug that occured randomly whille mouse-howering a monster
* Fixed some index issues related to monsters
* Hireling names should now work porperly for non-english translations

[Update] Le Royaume des Ombres 5.01

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