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The newest version of the game will be available this Friday!

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Version 5 should be available now! See you online!

Hello everyone! I wanted to announce that this Friday, August 18th, Version 5 will be available! We will go over some of the new content/features:

Race to Level 100!

Who will be able to make it first? With version 5, the level cap will be lifted to level 100! The race will be on! The first player to reach this milestone will be awarded an EXCLUSIVE armor set that you will not find anywhere else in game! You'll be able to show off and brag with your newfound swag. And, perhaps it will give you an edge in battle?!

New town - Melida

This town has many points of interest - a weapon upgrader, a weapon to mineral converter, the Auction House, shops, houses, etc., and more. It is on a brand new continent, but, for safety reasons you will not be able to fully explore it YET.

Weapon Upgrading

In Melida, there is a weapon upgrading specialist. He will help you upgrade your special weapons (with aqua colored text). These weapons will have 3 stages, and each stage the weapon's power, and stat boosts will improve greatly. You'll need a weapon enhance scroll, 'Enhance-W' and your weapon on the table. An optional ore will improve your success rate.

New Quests - and Storyline Quests!

A number of new quests have been added to the game, including storyline quests! You'll be able to meet your new friend, who will help introduce things to you, while she is on her own journey. Get some EXP, items and other rewards as you meet other important characters, venture to new lands, and watch the story unfold. Become a part of it, and be amongst the heroes who save the world. Note that these quests are a work in progress and currently only extend to level 30 (you can partake no matter your level).


By defeating bosses, clearing certain quests, and more, you'll acquire FAME! What can you do with it? Well, not much yet. But you'll be able to redeem it for special items, and improve your stats on several progression boards in the future. I wanted everyone to be able to start earning it ASAP! Also, your Red Chips will be stored here as well, instead of in your bag.

Ancient Dungeon

And finally, the Ancient Dungeon is now open. Located east of Edinbur, through the Goblin's Haven, this dungeon features some tough enemies! Defeat the ones guarding the orbs to active them. Activate all 4 to be granted access to the boss room. Make sure you bring some backup with you, as you'll need it! The boss of the dungeon drops the level 90 'Ancient' weapons, which you will want to grab.

Summer Event

Starting now until September 14th, we will have a little Summer Event! Collect points from defeating monsters - these points can be redeemed in Finon for some cosmetics, or a limited time Summer Cape 2018!

That should be all for now! A small minor update will be in the works, which should add more quests, the level 100 dungeon, and things to redeem Fame with. Stay tuned!

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