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A lot of improvements to the naval portion of Queller's game along with some unit composition and Bronze level tweaks.

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  • Uber builds a tiny number of Vanguards to provide radar for Shellers
  • Uber less likely to produce as many GIL-E when alone and Shellers are an option
  • Uber won't build advanced specialist units until it has its advanced fabbers out
  • Owing to AI targeting issues Queller will now stop building Dox when it realises it can't path by land
  • Uber Naval properly limits basic factory building
  • Uber will use a small amount of Locusts and more when dealing with naval maps
  • Send out Locust swarms earlier in the late game
  • Uber won't build Pelters and Theodors to counter naval any more
  • Fix Uber Naval making too many air fabbers
  • Uber uses less Shellers
  • Bronze uses less Pelters and Theodors
  • Bronze more likely to use Catapults near the front
  • Catapults always properly included in base defence counts
  • Ramparts always properly excluded from base defence counts
  • Uber prioritises getting out an early Firefly
  • Uber puts out more early Piranhas and Catfish
  • Uber far less likely to use bots on island maps unless it can push to advanced bots
  • Uber will no longer get stuck on naval maps (though you should still use Uber Naval)
  • Corrected Uber Naval over producing T1 factories when floating
  • Allow Uber to use more T2 naval when floating eco
  • Uber Naval much more aggressive about teching
  • Corrected Uber failing to expand T1 naval to counter subs
  • Unified a lot of Uber and Uber Naval behaviours as Uber was performing better in the water
  • Uber Naval always assigns hover units to its naval attack behaviours
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