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A version focused on pulling back some of the nuke love shown at the higher levels while also cleaning up some errors

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  • Uber will use a small number of GIL-Es as a counter to Catapults
  • Uber more willing to scout with the Firefly
  • Let Casual build the Manhattan because why not
  • Properly exclude orbital fabbers from fabber counts where appropriate
  • Platinum and Uber will develop more fabbers before trying to build nukes
  • Gold through Uber will develop more fabbers before trying to build Titans
  • Gold through Uber will check how the ground war is going before trying to build nukes
  • All levels allow more fabbers to assist building a planet splitter Titan
  • Adjusted handling of Sparks and Monstrosities
  • Fixed broken behaviour for building more factories when floating
  • Uber prefers Hermes and Wraith for local orbital scouting
  • Uber Naval can now correctly expand its naval presence with naval fabbers
  • Platinum no longer has behaviours for spending excess eco
  • Uber won't use excess eco to expand its T1 presence outside of specialised subpersonality behaviour
  • Only Uber Naval will now use excess eco to expand its naval presence
  • Uber won't use T2 fabbers to build T1 factories outside of some specialised circumstances
  • Fix possible issue with Platinum and Uber Commanders escaping by orbital transport
  • Removed experimental give up behaviour that shouldn't have been in release
  • Uber no longer makes more factories than intended when building for AA
  • Uber uses a small number of Shellers as standard
  • Uber uses less GIL-Es and Storms in invasion forces
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