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A bugfix and performance patch resolving a couple of rather nasty issues that hurt the AI

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  • Increase spacing between Uber radar builds
  • Uber more likely to build additional radars when using ships
  • Casual MLA now correctly builds orbital fabbers from orbital factories
  • Casual MLA will now build Avengers from orbital factories
  • Casual Legion will not build T1 recon from T2 orbital factories
  • Casual through Silver won't build orbital transports on gas giants
  • Fixed building a transport for the Commander to retreat
  • Fixed not always moving orbital radar away from gas giants should they somehow end up there
  • No longer tries to transfer orbital scouts which don't exist
  • Casual and Bronze now scout with orbital on single planet systems
  • Casual will build the Helios
  • Air and Orbital Titans react to the presence of air and orbital units at all difficulties
  • Prevent low levels bouncing orbital scouts and radars between planets
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