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Numerous improvements across all difficulties along with a few fixes.

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  • Fixed Ramparts getting built too close to one another at higher levels
  • Casual and Bronze now build the Typhoon
  • Bronze and Silver push faster to get an anti-nuke if there's a nuke threat
  • New amphibious platoon for mixed faction armies
  • Properly micro Stokes in their own platoon
  • Uber uses less Legion AA ships
  • Uber makes greater use of Catfish against naval threats
  • Fixed issue causing Uber Legion factories to pause production prior to enemy contact
  • Uber can use more fabbers to assist nuke production
  • Uber MLA can build tanks earlier
  • When unable to expand Platinum and Uber will tech if they haven't already
  • Uber Cautious less likely to scout in an antagonistic way
  • Changed how Uber Legion performs its initial scouting
  • Uber will use Skitter to scout if it hasn't found an enemy yet
  • Gold will scout with the Investigator
  • Uber no longer idles scouts sent to other planets
  • Uber builds Corsairs earlier
  • Smarter limit on the number of Talos built by Casual through Platinum
  • Platinum uses less Monstrosities
  • Gold no longer patrols all its Marauders when alone on a planet
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