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I rebalanced several set items and unique items, making them more viable for end game. Besides, updated SGD2FreeRes.dll is compatible with D2GL Glide Wrapper that provides HD cursor/text and few graphic post processing effects (Lut, sharpen, FXAA etc). The enhanced graphics are really amazing and I highly recommend players should give it a try.

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  • Removed D2Win.dll (hardly needed for installation).
  • Updated SGD2FreeRes.dll (version, with support for D2GL Glide Wrapper).


  • Decreased ground fire duration of Meteor.


  • Enhanced Overlord (Act 4 late areas) textures.
  • Fixed Psychorb (Act 5 starting areas) skill overlay malposition.
  • Fixed an issue with Dark Mage (Act 3, 4, 5 late areas) melee animation.


  • Slightly changed runewords "Duress", "Harmony", "Melody" and "Plague".
  • Slightly enhanced or changed set items listed below:
    => Isenhart's Armory: complete set bonus
    => Sigon's Complete Steel: complete set bonus
    => Vidala's Rig: Vidala's Fetlock (3 items bonus)
    => Bul-Kathos' Children: Bul-Kathos' Sacred Charge
    => Cow King's Leathers: Cow King's Horns, Cow King's Hide (3 items bonus), complete set bonus.
    => Orphan's Call: complete set bonus
    => Naj's Ancient Vestige: complete set bonus
    => The Disciple: complete set bonus
    => Heaven's Brethren: Dangoon's Teaching, Ondal's Almighty, Haemosu's Adamant, Taebaek's Glory (and 2, 3 items bonus), complete set bonus.
    => Hwanin's Majesty: Hwanin's Justice
    => Sander's Folly: Sander's Superstition (2 items bonus), Sander's Riprap (and 2, 3 items bonus), complete set bonus.
    => Sazabi's Grand Tribute: complete set bonus
    => Aldur's Watchtower: Aldur's Deception, Aldur's Advance.
    => Natalya's Odium: Natalya's Soul
    => Griswold's Legacy: Griswold's Redemption, Griswold's Honor, complete set bonus.
  • Slightly changed unique items listed below:
    => Claws: Shadow Killer, Jade Talon.
    => Bows: Pluckeye, Witherstring, Raven Claw, Blastbark, Kuko Shakaku, Endlesshail, Magewrath.
    => Swords: Shadowfang, Ripsaw, Blade of Ali Baba, Ginther's Rift.
    => Javelins: all
    => Throwing Weapons: all
  • Enabled hidden item modifier "permanent quiver quantity" (arrows/bolts are not consumed) for bows and crossbows, but currently it is spawned only on runeword "Harmony".
  • Throwing weapons (excluding amazon-only javelins) can have 1 socket.
  • Increased maximum quantity of throwing potions to 50.


unlimited quiver

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