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I decided to restore vanilla settings to many druid shape-shifting skills, because some core features are what a werewolf or werebear is made of. Plus, since there are implemented but undocumented changes in previous versions, I feel oblidged to mention them in this update before it's too late.

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  • Inner Sight reduces target's defense (capped at 25%) instead of increasing light radius.
  • Added mana steal (capped at 10%) to Magic Arrow.
  • Decreased next delay of Lightning Strike to 2 frames (undocumented change in older versions).


  • Removed hidden converted fire damage from Fists of Fire (undocumented change in older versions).
  • Removed hidden physical resist by hard skill point from Fade (undocumented change in older versions).
  • Decreased next dealy of Phoenix Strike charge 2 and charge 3 missile attack to 2 frames (undocumented change in older versions).


  • Fixed an issue with incorrect radius of Howl in practice.
  • Monster flee time of Grim Ward scales up with level.


  • Removed flat defense and life regeneration from Lycanthropy.
  • Feral Rage harks back to vanilla setting, but life steal is greatly decreased (capped at 10%).
  • Maul harks back to vanilla setting, and stun length is slightly increased (capped at 5 seconds).
  • Slightly decreased synergy bonus of Hunger.
  • Oak Sage provides life regeneration instead of life after each kill.
  • Added defense bonus to Heart of Wolverine.
  • Added life after each skiil to Spirit of Barbs.
  • Cyclone Armor provides flat defense instead of defense vs missile.


  • Bone Armor provides flat defense instead of defense vs melee.
  • Attract decreases target's defense (capped at 100%).


  • Decreased next delay of Chain Lightning to 2 frames (undocumented change in older versions).


  • The following monster skills deal magic damage (undocumented change in older versions):
    => Act 1, Act 2, Act 3 Acid Beast spitting
    => Act 5 Imp bolt, Baal (and clone) Inferno/Nova


  • Slightly changed unique items listed below:
    => helms: Jalal's Mane (druid-only), Wolfhowl (barbarian-only)
    => weapons: Bartuc's Cut-Throat (assassin-only)
    => rings: Nagelring, Primal Totem, Sharp Shooter
    => charms: Arena Bracelet (reworked as Purge Signet), Guild Key (reworked as Sanctum Key)
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