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So huge breakthrough today! No more compromises on the selection of available effects thanks to a combination of 3 separate ENB wrappers!

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I could find no single DLL that would function with Call of Duty 2 that would provide SSAO, Depth of Field and Multi-Pass effects. With no other solution I began looking into using multiple. A small modification to the DLL's themselves so that each uses its own files and viola! problems solved :)

This has lead to the following configuration for the next version :

Layer 1 : ENB 0.75 for Collapse
This DLL is special, in COD2 the SSAO only extends a few meters around the player. This means that the resulting SSAO is much more detailed and sharp that the other DLL's and looks more in line with Crysis AO. However this also meant that DOF would only focus a few meters ahead. Finally 0.75 does not support multi-pass rendering severely limiting the effects.
This DLL provides a high detail SSAO pass to the image, a Reihnhard Tonemapping filter and a HSV adjustment to filter to control brightness balance

Layer 2 : ENB 0.75a for Obliviion
This DLL is an all round good one for Call of Duty but unfortunately the SSAO is quite low quality and again it does not support Multi-pass effects.
This DLL provides a low detail subtle long range SSAO to the image and high quality Dynamic Depth of Field.

Layer 3 : ENB 0.76 Generic
And finally we have the only Multi-pass Effect capable DLL of the bunch. This is here purely to allow the use of the multi-pass effects.
If your computer supports it, this gives even higher quality Bokeh based Depth of Field along with HDR image conversion, chromatic abbaration, anamorphic light flares and a version of GTA IV's iCEnhancer tonemapping.

I will be releasing 2 versions of the next release, Complete, which has the better DOF, and Simple which uses ENB DOF. The reason for this is for some reason, my desktop computer will not use the better DOF technique.
My work machine and laptop both use the higher quality DOF without a problem, but just incase anyone out there has the same issue the simple version will be available.Screenshots shortly!

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