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A minor update for skill and item balance. I wish I could have enough time to refine this mod from scratch, but sadly I have to spend more and more time on real life. In the near future, there won't be significant update.

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  • Updated SGD2FreeRes.dll (version that addressed tile culling issue and compatibility with Windows 7.


  • Impale's chance of losing weapon durability scales with level (capped at 25%).
  • Slightly decreased thorns damage of Iron Maiden.
  • Iron Golem reduces physical damage instead of knocking enemies back.
  • Thorns returns more damage to attackers.


  • Slightly changed unique items listed below:
    => Armors: Hawkmail, Sparking Mail, Skin of the Vipermagi, Atma's Wail, Black Hades, Ormus' Robes.
    => Rings: Knight's Vigil, Barbaric Prowess, Sharp Shooter, Elemental Seal, Bone Barrier, Primal Totem, Phantasmal Edge.

Iron Golem

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