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Inspired by recent D2R 2.4 PTR, I update again primarily for better skill feature and balance. I especially addressed the issue where Assassin blade-trap skills suffer from the lack of attack rating. D2R 2.4 is a huge content patch since patch 1.10, but honestly I don't agree with most skill enhancements because they are either overpowered or missing the point. Hence, D2R 2.4 PTR soft-coded changes are rarely taken into this version.

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  • Updated BaseMod.dll (1.13.9) and SGD2FreeRes.dll ( for better performance and stability.


  • Blade Sentinel has faster patrolling speed.
  • Blade Shield receives duration bonus from Blade Fury.
  • Blade Shield receives damage bonus from Blade Sentinel.
  • Blade Sentinel, Blade Fury and Blade Shield display correct attack rating (without false passive bonus from Claw Mastery) which scales up with level.
  • Taunt decreases target's attack rating and damage (back to vanilla setting), but both of them can't be lowered below 75%.
  • Raven receives damage bonus from Summon Spirit Wolf and Summon Dire Wolf.
  • Raven receives attack rating bonus from Summon Grizzly.
  • Spirit Wolf no longer steals life but deals extra magic damage instead.
  • Grizzly no longer steals life.
  • Druid summoned spirits are immune to curses.
  • Telekinesis receives damage bonus from Teleport.


  • Slightly enhanced normal set helm "Infernal Cranium".
  • Slightly enhanced unique staves "Warpspear" and "Mang Song's Lesson".
  • Slightly changed 1.10 rune words "Harmony", "Sanctuary" and "Wind".
  • Enabled 3 hidden rune words "Mist", "Obsession" and "Wisdom".
  • Fixed a normal set issue where 2 items bonus of Hsarus' Defense doesn't work in the intended way.

Blade Skills AR2

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