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This update is one month after the release of D2R: Resurrected, and many players presumably expect a different mod on a new base, but due to official prohibition against dll injection and code editing, there is no room for advanced modding in D2R: Resurrected. As an overhaul and enhancement of the entire game, The Sin War mod can't achieve substantial goals without basing on D2X: Lord of Destruction. I always believe it is not graphics but contents that make a game truly enjoyable.

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  • Updated BaseMod.dll (1.13.8), PlugY.dll (14.03) and SGD2FreeRes.dll (
  • Removed PlugY.ini and D2gfx.dll. For users of previous versions, please delete these 2 files and restore vanilla D2gfx.dll to prevent potential crash.


  • Increased chance of weapon durability loss of Impale.
  • Replaced post damage of Bash with chance of deadly strike (capped at 20%).
  • Increased attack and damage bonus of Throwing Mastery.
  • Werewolf and Werebear slightly scale up life and stamina bonus with level.
  • Moving speed bonus of Feral Rage is no longer capped at 30% but scales up with level.
    Also, uninterrupt chance is replaced with chance of open wounds (capped at 20%).
  • Maul gains faster hit recovery instead of damage resist from every assault.
    Also, uninterrupt chance is replaced with chance of deadly strike (capped at 20%).
  • Increased chance of deadly strike of Druid summoned beasts by 5%.
  • Slightly increased chance of open wounds of Thorns (capped at 25%).
  • Slightly increased chance of deadly strike of Concentration (capped at 20%).
  • Increased block chance of Skeleton Warrior, Skeletal Mage, Clay Golem and Iron Golem by 5%.
  • Fire duration of Meteor scales up with level (back to vanilla setting).


  • Slightly changed monster curses in Act 5 Worldstone Keep and Throne of Destruction.
  • Slightly changed skills of super unique bosses Izual, Nihlathak, Ghom and Baal.
  • Slightly changed monster type of Act 5 super unique bosses Rakanoth and Belial.
  • Decreased immunity types for Act 5 super unique bosses Ghom, Cydaea and Rakanoth in all difficulty levels.
  • Decreased thorns damage of Prime and Lesser Evils against physical missile attack.


  • Slightly changed monsters in Act 2 Harem, Palace Cellar and Act 5 Glacial Trail, Frozen Tundra.


  • Added one more item slot for another ring.
  • Increased dodging chance of Act 1 Rogue Scouts by 5%.
  • Increased damage resist of Act 2 Desert Mercenaries by 5%.
  • Increased shield block chance of Act 3 Iron Wolves by 5%.
  • Increased weapon block chance of Act 5 Barbarians by 5%.


  • Increased damage bonus from dexterity for crossbows by 25%.
  • Slightly changed runewords "Nadir" and "Wonder".
  • Slightly changed unique items listed below:
    => Helms: Stealskull, Vampire Gaze
    => Gloves: The Hand of Broc, Chance Guards, Steelrend
    => Bows: Magewrath


  • Added refresh button to trade screen.

2 rings for hireling

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