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Before the coming release of D2R, I hope this update is the last and best version for D2 legacy. Away from patch 1.14d, TSW is based on 1.13c again because judging from all available data about D2R, I can't perceive promising compatibility. Still, I assert that D2R looks awesome but needs more work. Currently I'm not eager to keep up with D2R and just wait and see instead.

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  • Mod is based on patch 1.13c again, without support for official latest patch.
  • Added higher resolution (1024x768) compatible with Glide video mode.


  • Fixed an issue where Summon Resist doesn't apply passive poison resist to summoned creatures.
  • Added slower stamina drain to Blaze (capped at 25%).
  • Slightly increased base damage absorption of Energy Shield from 29% to 32%.


  • Slightly enhanced unique ring "Nature's Peace".
  • Changed unique small charm "Golden Elixir".
  • Removed unique small charm "Insignia of Fame".
  • Added unique small charm "Angelic Essence".
  • New name and effect for Act 4 vendor augment "Atlas of the Sanctuary".


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