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This update is to fix an unexpected visual problem for a complete set with 5 or 6 set items. Here is the thing: items after tempering generate at least 2 more attributes. To prevent item content of a full set from overly extending, texts will shrink to reduce the entire length, and therefore you can't see them clearly. Now the fix is to limit listed attributes by decreasing enhancements from tempering.

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  • Burst of Speed provides faster hit recovery (capped at 20%) instead of slower stamina drain.
  • Added ceiling to damage and magic damage reduced by Fade.
  • Removed synergy bonus for faster block rate from Weapon Block.
  • Removed defense bonus from Blade Shield.
  • Added slight defense bonus to Lycanthropy.
  • Slightly increased velocity bonus of Feral Rage (capped at 30%).
  • Replaced faster hit recovery of Maul with damage resist (capped at 20%).
  • Decreased magic resist of Meditation (capped at 75%).


  • Decreased socket effect of Diamond on weapons.
  • Changed socket effect of Ohm rune on weapons.
  • Slightly changed set items listed below:
    Isenhart's Armory: Isenhart's Parry
    Tancred's Battlegear: Tancred's Crowbill
    Immortal King: Immortal King's Will, Immortal King's Soul Cage
  • Slightly changed runewords listed below:
    1.09: Stealth
    1.10: Wind
    1.11: Principle, Rain
  • Enhanced stave-only suffixes that increase fire, cold, lightning, poison and elemental resistance with character level.
  • Tempered Items:
    => Each tempering no longer increases required character attributes.
    => Elite items no longer receive secondary enhancement from tempering.
    => Slightly changed enhancement on amulets and circlets.
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