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Since a remaster of Diablo 2 expansion is upcoming, The Sin War mod will be based on it to present better game experience. No doubt Diablo 2: Resurrected poses a deep impact on the whole mod community and so far it truly needs more work, but in general the merits outweigh the defects. Although compatibility with 1.14d has to discard HD resolution benefit from 1.13c, D2R can bring it back or make it even greater. Therefore, it pays to use a new base and keep up to official latest patch.

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  • Mod is based on official latest patch 1.14d and stops support for 1.13c.


  • Added 20% chance of dodging to Decoy.
  • Increased hit points but decreased defense bonus of Summon Dire Wolf.
  • Fixed incorrect life synergy value display of Summon Dire Wolf and Summon Grizzly.
  • Added chance of open wounds to Sacrifice (capped at 20%).


  • Fixed a bug that prevents Greater Mummy's Bestow skill from healing minions.


  • Removed sockets from throwing weapons (back to vanilla setting).
  • Decreased max sockets of Bone Helm and Bone Shield to 2.
  • Armors of exceptional and elite type have the same velocity penalty.
  • New graphic for set shield "Cleglaw's Claw".
  • New graphic for the following unique items:
    Axes: Humongous
    Maces: Earth Shifter
    Rings: Sharp Shooter, Primal Totem
    Charms: Arena Bracelet, Insignia of Fame
    Shields: Head Hunter's Glory
    Paladin Shields: Alma Negra
  • Slightly changed the following unique items:
    Amulets: The Eye of Etlich, The Mahim-Oak Curio, Mara's Kaleidoscope, Metalgrid
    Rings: Nature's Peace, Wisp Projector
    Helms: Biggin's Bonnet, Tarnhelm, Duskdeep, Howltusk, Peasant Crown, Stealskull,
    Valkyrie Wing, Blackhorn's Face, Crown of Thieves, Vampire Gaze, Nightwing's Veil,
    Andariel's Visage
    Armors: Rockfleece, Goldskin, The Spirit Shroud, Skin of the Vipermagi, Spirit Forge,
    Skullder's Ire, Black Hades, Leviathan, Steel Carapace
    Shields: Pelta Lunata, Stormguild, Bverrit Keep, Wall of the Eyeless, The Ward,
    Stormchaser, Tiamat's Rebuke, Gerke's Sanctuary, Lidless Wall, Medusa's Gaze
    Belts: Lenymo, Goldwrap, String of Ears
    Gloves: Bloodfist, Chance Guards, Venom Grip, Gravepalm, Ghoulhide, Steelrend
    Boots: Hotspur, Gorefoot, Treads of Cthon, Infernostride, War Traveler, Sandstorm Trek
  • Slightly changed the following runewords:
    Helms: Lore, Nadir, Delirium, Dream, Wonder
    Armors: Lionheart, Smoke, Gloom, Prudence, Stone
  • Disabled unique small charm "Bounty Gold".
  • New name and property for unique large charm "Rescue Achievement".
  • Decreased level requirement plus for item-upgrading from 10 to 5.
  • Greatly changed cube recipes for item-tempering and disabled old tempering recipes:
    Tempering works on all types of weapons, armors, rings and amulets. A successful
    tempering increases level requirement and attribute requirement as well.
  • Disabled cube recipes for item repairing and recharging.


  • New effect for herb (+25% moving speed).
  • New effect for Act 4 vendor augment "Atlas of the Sanctuary" (+3 light radius).
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