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A quick and minor update that aims to increase viability of vulnerable pets, such as vines, spirits and shadow warrior, by adding small chance of dodging. Druid can maintain buffs for a longer period of time to survive in a severe battle.

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  • Slightly increased light radius of Inner Sight.
  • Valkyrie has 10% chance of critical strike and 20% chance of dodging which are no longer influenced by synergy level.
  • Slightly decreased slower stamina drain of Burst of Speed (capped at 20%).
  • Weapon Block provides less block rate but receives bonus from Dragon Claw.
  • Changed 25% chance of critical strike of Shadow Warrior to 35% chance of dodging.
  • Fixed incorrect damage bonus display of Shadow Warrior and Shadow Master.
  • Added 25% chance of dodging to Druid vines.
  • Added 30% chance of dodging to Druid spirits.
  • Slightly decreased mana cost of Teleport.
  • Slightly increased mana bonus of Mana Shield (capped at 10%).


  • Slightly enhanced 1.10 runewords "Bramble" and "Enigma".
  • Slightly enhanced unique circlets "Kira's Guardian" and "Griffon's Eye".

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