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It's a big update for many balance changes and a little nostalgia. Plus, act bosses are moderately weakened so that an experienced player can defeat them more easily even without the help of teammates. The core of Diablo is still single player, and I hope more players enjoy challenging the ultimate evils alone.

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  • Replaced background music of Throne of Destruction and The Worldstone Chamber with classic vanilla Diablo 2 Expansion introduction theme.


  • Slightly decreased blocking and thorns damage of the Lesser/Prime Evils.
  • Slightly changed attack mode of the Prime Evils.
  • Reduced knockback effect of missile attack of the Prime Evils.
  • Removed slow effect of Baal's melee attack.


  • Restored freezing effect of Act 3 Iron Wolf's ice spells.


  • Removed uninterrupted attack from Shadow Warrior.
  • Restored official trap graphic of Death Sentry.
  • Added 20% chance of uninterrupted attack to Feral Rage and Maul.
  • Changed magic absorb of Summon Spirit Wolf to magic resist (30%).
  • Slightly scaled up rage duration of Summon Dire Wolf with level.
  • Slightly increased missile speed of Poison Nova.
  • Slightly increased base hits of Chain Lightning.
  • Changed duration synergy of Enchant to Fire Mastery.
  • Changed radius synergy of Static Field to Lightning Mastery.
  • Changed duration synergy of Thunder Storm to Lightning Mastery.
  • Telekinesis receives damage bonus from Energy Shield.
  • Frozen Armor, Shiver Armor and Chilling Armor receive duration and defense bonus from Cold Mastery.
  • Adjusted speed of Amazon and Sorceress missile skills. Skills with area damage are faster for better crowd control and balance.


  • Removed max resist bonus from thawing potions and antidotes.
  • Disabled unique ring "Constriction Ring".
  • Decreased stamina auto-mod of Necromancer shrunken heads (capped at 90).
  • Slightly enhanced 1.09 runewords "Ancient's Pledge" and "Fury".
  • Slightly changed set items listed below:
    Arcanna's Tricks: complete set bonus
    Iratha's Finery: complete set bonus
    Infernal Tools: complete set bonus
    Cleglaw's Brace: Cleglaw's Claw
    Milabrega's Regalia: Milabrega's Rod, Milabrega's Orb (and 3 items bonus)
    Vidala's Rig: Vidala's Barb
    Sigon's Complete Steel: complete set bonus
    Sander's Folly: Sander's Paragon, Sander's Taboo, Sander's Superstition (and 3 items bonus), complete set bonus
    Tal Rasha's Wrappings: Tal Rasha's Lidless Eye, Tal Rasha's Fine-Spun Cloth, Tal Rasha's Adjudication
  • Slightly changed unique items listed below:
    Amulets: Crescent Moon, Highlord's Wrath
    Rings: Nagelring, Barbaric Prowess, Knight's Vigil, Bone Barrier, Storm Avatar, Primal Totem, Phantasmal Blade, Sharp Shooter
    Circlets: Kira's Guardian, Griffon's Eye
    Armors: Greyform, The Centurion, Twitchthroe, Darkglow, Heavenly Garb, Rockfleece, Goldskin, Silks of the Victor, Skin of the Flayed One, Iron Pelt, Duriel's Shell, Shaftstop, Skullder's Ire, Guardian Angel, Black Hades, Ormus' Robes, The Gladiator's Bane, Arkaine's Valor, Leviathan, Templar's Might
    Shields: Spirit Ward
    Gloves: Chance Guards, Steelrend
    Belts: Lenymo, Bladebuckle, String of Ears, Verdungo's Hearty Cord
    Staves: Ondal's Wisdom
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