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Added robbers, weapon breakage, UI convenience features and possibility to pick or burn carcasses. Improved NPC behavior and shield usage. And dozens minor additions, balancing and issues fixed.

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Major new features:

Weapon breakage & degrade system

Weapons get damaged when they hit together as a result of a block, or fumbled counterstrikes. Resulting damage checks are based on variety of newly added weapon properties and both attacker's and defender's weapon may get damaged. The force of impact and resulting weapon damage is calculated based on strike velocity, weapon weight, impact area and materials that hit together.


There are robber NPCs wandering around the wilderness. Robbers can be of any culture and usually move in bands of 3-6 people. If encountered, they may try to steal your equipment, but rarely attack right away.

Shield usage to protect from missile attacks

Shields can be used to protect from missile attacks. NPCs can also use shields in similar fashion. Shields can be held in many ways to cover different body parts and to protect from varying lines of attack.

Overpowered by forester robbers, firmly holding the roundshield to block their arrows:

Wider scope of NPC reactions to each others presence

NPCs actively react to presence of other human beings, specifically those of another culture. For now this is mostly notable when Njerpez meet other cultures, but later on the system will be expanded to create cultural conflicts. In a sense variety of NPC reactions gets closer to behaviour repertoire we already have in use with wild animals.

Picking, burning, rotting carcasses

You can move, push or pick up carcasses just like any items and the common item handling commands work for carcasses while they are in your inventory.
There's a new rotting mechanism for carcasses. Scavengers will keep utilizing rotting carcasses, but humans may obtain usable meat and hide only from relatively fresh carcasses. And now carcasses can be burnt - which allows kind of a burial for your dead pets and companions.

Inventory of a happy trapper:

UI convenience boost

There's quite a convenience boost for non-keyboard jockeys as the burden of memorizing key combinations is eased with automated actions, menus and new configuration options. Movement and rest actions are grouped within one menu and containers handled via single command. Swimming, climbing and opening doors is automatic and configurable. There's also traditional roguelike movement mode added for those who prefer it.

And lots and lots of issues fixed, minor additions and balancing done:
- two new start-up scenarios
- balanced net fishing, crossbows, time passing and movement
- pausable cutting and skinning, improved carcass selection
- blunt and broadhead arrows
- a new log to view previous game messages, and enter your own notes


UnReal World RPG v3.19 (stable) windows

64 bit Ubuntu 12.04 & 12.10, Linux mint 13-15, Debian 8.0 jessie.
For other distros visit the game official page.
UnReal World RPG v3.19 (stable) linux

UnReal World RPG v3.19 (stable) Mac

For a full changelog see

Full game is free to play,
donations welcome!

For more info see

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