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...Iight. Here we go with Version 2 of Fairy Tale. There are numerous additions; Music, a new civ, new scenarios and maps...

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V2 Changelog

*The Fairy Tale Theme Song, "Knights of Darkness" was composed by Zero-Project and used with full permissions, and I can use the rest of his Fairytale album as well. I therefore pasted many of the songs from the album as background music in this mod.
*Updated the design of the Main Menu screen.
*Removed Axemen from the Crystallin arsenal altogether.
*Wrote unique names for all the Great People. No more Francis Bacon or Columbus being born!
*Gave the Namyri a special building, the Lord's Mansion which is now required to build the national hero. The Namyri got their hero too early.
*The Collective now has a Black Dragon instead of the usual red one. The Black Dragon is stronger and does better against city fortifications too! The Black dragon goes for the Denereans as well.
*Included a Barbarian Sabretooth tiger instead of the boring old bears roaming about.
*Gave the Vikings a Longboat instead of the Galley. Now the Norse are real Vikings and can explore the seas early on.
*Added the Dark Elven Civilization (The Denereans). I added proper leaders and units also (several unique units and a special building), and of course placed them on the World of Fairy Tale map, which was somewhat updated to cater for the new civ as well.
*Reskinned some Denerean units. Yes! This is REAL reskinning. I gave them blue skin. Also made most of them wear all black.
*Created the scenario "The Elven Civil War" to introduce the new civ.
*Gave Heroes a specific Promotion line. Heroes now get their own types of promotions.
*Added Goblin mercenaries. These powerul mercenaries will join any nation's armies from time to time.

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