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The announcement of the release of DaC V2.2 with a link to the V2.2 Change-log.

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Divide and Conquer V2.2 has been released!

DaC's Official Sub-Forum:

Total War Center

On TWC, we have our own sub-forum where we have dedicated threads for specific topics such as Previews and Announcements, Installation and Downloads, Official Suggestions, Simple Questions, and more so check it out.

Clicking on the link below will take you to the complete Change-log for Divide and Conquer V2.2:

Change-log V2.2

Change-log Video V2.2

If you would like to see some of the content that is listed in the V2.2 Change-log in image form or in more detail, then check out our Previews and Announcements thread on TWC which is structured to showcase the majority of new changes that you can expect in DaC V2.2:

Previews and Announcements Thread



Einior e-Hûdoll DaC

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