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New RPG's, Gunship Helicopters, Harriers, Apaches, Zombie Annihilation, and much more.

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We've reached the long awaited version 2.0, and have a nice large change log for our readers.

And thanks to all who are voting for us for the mod of the year, we love the support of the community.


Change Log:

*Christmas Mall 2009 Map
**Decent Sized Map, Good for close and long range battles
**Sabotage, Domination
*Domination Enhancement:
**Mappers can now name areas:
**$Domination::Flag[Num(1, 2, or 3), "Map File Name without .mis"] = "Name"; (Thanks To DoL For This)
*3 More Killstreaks:
**Plasma Harrier Airstrike: 7 Kills: Airstrike with a remaining plasma harrier
**Gunship Helicopter: 9 Kills: Call in a heavily armed helicopter
**Z-Bomb: 100 Zombie Kills: Wipe out all zombies in a flashing blast
*Killstreak Upgrades:
**Added Host Streak Settings:
***1: Current Method: 3 Streaks/Player
***2: Old Method: All Streaks Earneds if Unlocked
***3: New Method: X Streaks/Player, X Set by host.
***4: No Streaks: Simple enough...
**Chopper Gunner: Renamed to Apache Gunner
***Apache Helicopter has a more powerful chaingun than the Combat Helicopter, slower RoF, but larger splash damage
**Apache Gunner and Harbingers wrath now count to your kills.
*Opened the Non-Weapon Challenges Up
**Special Event Challenges: Challenges to do on "Special" Days.
**Killstreak Challenges: Challenges completed for using killstreak rewards
*RPG-7 Enhanced
**Now Randomly Moves While Fired
**Requires Rank 50.
*Slingshot Zombie Added (Finally), Pilots Beware
*Explosive Weapons Now Can Count To Weapon Kills
*Helljump Updates
**The Transport is now invincible (bug fix)
**Players who jump too early out will be placed back in the transport

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