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Another releasable country with many new main and side features.

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This new update allows you to restore the crown of St. Wenceslaus, granting the kingdom of Bohemia to a Habsburg prince. The new country also gains new objectives: Instead of the Czechoslovak cores on Upper-Hungary/Slovakia, it gains cores in Upper and Lower Silesia, which belonged to the Bohemian crown until the Prussians annexed them in the Austrian Succession Wars. This (hopefully) gives a new possible challenge to people playing this mod.

Features copied from the download page:

Main features:

-New national focus releasing the Kingdom of Bohemia (requires the trialism focus with either the immediate or postponed release of Hungary and Croatia). It has unique authoritarian, democratic, communist and fascist flags.

-New ruler for the released kingdom: Ernst von Hohenberg, the other son of Franz Ferdinand.

-Instead of their cores in Upper-Hungary, Bohemia get cores in Silesia, which belonged to the historical Bohemia in the middle ages.

Minor features / fixes:

-New national spirit instead of Trialism if both trialism and the release of Bohemia has been achieved.

-Released countries get a -50% research time bonus for one year if released before 1914 and two years if released after 1914. IMPORTANT: Hungary and Croatia only gets this bonus if the immediate release option is taken.

-Released countries get the House of Habsburg-Lorraine national spirit.

-Fixed the king of Croatia to Maximilian II.

-If Hungary and Croatia are released via the base event, the second proposal focus can be bypassed.

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