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A New Version of Worst Game Ever! Featuring everything you've ever wanted in a video game EVER.

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That's right, after a huge amount of time since finding the original files (A single day) I've went ahead and made huge improvements to the original game, adding a host of new content to explore!

New Features of Version 2 include:

  • "Supah Hard" Gametype - Double the Obstacles, only half the smile boxes! Can you survive?
  • "Rockets Only" Gametype - Don't like the random directions of Bouncy Balls? No more!
  • Help Menu designed for beginner players, gives a somewhat brief tutorial.
  • Credits Screen, gives credit to the creators of the game. Skip with any key.
  • New Music! I don't know where it's from, but it's not copyright and sounds better.
Please comment with any features you would like to see in Verison 3!
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