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Welcome Everyone to the new and more improved Version of Harvester Wars. If you are too lazy to click "read more" here I will tell you what changes are included so far and how to install it. Also if you have any suggestions at all let me know. :D Thanks.

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This is Harvester Wars (Version 2) MOD.

Changes are
1)Much faster Harvester.
2)Extremely cheap to buy from Warfactory.
3)Extremely fast build of a Harvester in Warfactory.
4)Harvesters have more health:
NOD Harvester 5000 > 10000
GDI Harvester 7500 > 10000
Scrin Harvester 7500 > 10000
5) Armor has been increased slightly.
All harvesters have the armor of what the GDI Warfactory has.
6) Capacity of all Harvesters has been increased from 200 to 2000.
7) Harvesters don't have to sit at Refinery for ages to drop off Tiberium.

Please send me a private message if you want me to change something else, I'll be glad to listen to what
you have to say and will do my best to import the changes.

Enjoy the MOD.
Made by The_Eliminator
a.k.a Kivi


1) Extract the files.(You will most likely need a WinRar or something of that sort)
2) Copy HarvesterWars folder.
3) Paste it in the "My Documents\ Command & Conquer 3\ Mods" folder.
4) Replace the current version with the older version if it asks you.
5) Launch Control Center, click on Game Browser, then select Mods tab, select the mod and LAUNCH.

Note: You will need the latest patch to run the mod.

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