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Version 2 of the Reversal mod is finished and released for your enjoyment!

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Thats right everyone, Reversal now has a version 2!

Included is everything from the first version along with a huge number of fixes, corrections, balance adjustments and just plain new eye candy.

Some of the more notable additions:

-The cutscene in Reptile House now functions properly.
-The maintenance system has received an overhaul.
-A bunch of balance tweaks to all units, armor and damage types.
-Terran units in the Viron half of the Reversal campaign now properly match their normal counterparts.
-Rho finally has a Terran icon, weapon and skin in the Reversal campaign.

Install instructions remain the same and the new version can be installed without overwriting the old one. Version 1.0 will still be available for download as well should any of you prefer to play on it or have friends who haven't updated theirs yet.

Feedback is welcome as always.


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