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Incredible graphics enhancements achieved! Many new features implemented into the ENB system to take the game to an entirely new level

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I decided to look into the GTA ENB modding scene and attempt to move some of the awesome stuff they had going over to Call of Duty, and I succeeded!

The result is anything short of breath-taking! Here is a list of the features now enabled via ENB 0.75
HDR Tonemapping
Improved Lighting Model
Improved Shadow Rendering
Dynamic Bokeh Depth of Field
Screen Space Ambient Occlusion
Bloom Filter
Global Illumination
God Rays / Sun Shafts
Anamorphic Light Flares
Dynamic Noise Detail
Chromatic Abberation
HSV Color Grading

I'd just like to clarify that I did not create these effects, I simply collected these from different versions of the ENB mod and modified them to work together! Getting it all to work together and making it look good is my contribution :)I have uploaded 3 sets of Before / After screenshots of the new settings in action. I think they speak better than I can!I will be uploading a preview video tonight, and releasing the mod tomorrow for everyone to try out!

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