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Discouraged Workers is now compatible with Raspberry Pi.

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Important: This minor update and the latest major update is currently only available on Steam. Please wait a little if you want to DRM-free builds on our stores.

Greeting Guardians,

Yunseok is here, creator of YGGDRASIL STUDIO. Today I've update the Discouraged Workers and Extras DLC on Steam.

Update details from the last V1.7.9.751:

  • Version: >
  • Improved: Modified codes for mobile platform compatibility.
  • Improved: The grid of the Concept and Diary archive is now displayed as 4x3. It looks better in the Concept archive, or on the mobile platforms.
  • Improved: Moved the quick menu position a little in Russian and Spanish language. Now all the letters are on the screen.
  • Fixed: Issues with some letters not supported by fonts.
    • Remove "-" in Russian part transitions.
    • Changed "OO" to alphabet "OO" in Spanish.

Extras DLC Update:

  • Update: Disc Labels.
  • Update: Wallpapers.
  • Added: Raspberry Pi build V
  • Update: Android APK(V > V
  • From the Ren'Py engins update:
    1. Fixed: A memory alignment issue that could result in a SIGBUS crash on ARM-based Android devices when playing video has been fixed.
    2. Improved: The Android build system has undergone a rewrite, adding support for x86, while retaining and modernizing support for ARM devices.
    3. Fixed: A failure to preload a library prevented Ren'Py from starting on some Android devices.
  • Update: Manual.

I did an update of Extras DLC in a year and a half. The Extras DLC contains Disc labels and Wallpapers, Rasbpberry Pi build, and Android APK. Also it can be purchased for free if you already have Discouraged Workers on Steam. Here I attached some images about the Extras DLC:

discouraged workers raspi

Raspberry Pi is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

discouraged workers raspi real

Testing with the Raspberry Pi.

discouraged workers lightscribe

Lightscribe label template.

discouraged workers disc label

discouraged workers disc label

Two screenshots above are Formtec label templates.

Sale Promotions

Our sale promotions is in progress:

  • Steam: 66% off for Discouraged Workers, 72% off for KNDW Deluxe Edition. Expires on Jan 04, 2018.
  • 66% off for Discouraged Workers, 68% off for Discouraged Workers Bundle. Expires on Dec 27, 2017
  • AppStore: 66% off for Discouraged Workers TEEN. Starts on Dec 21, expires on Dec 30, 2017.
  • GooglePlay: 66% off for Discouraged Workers TEEN. Starts on Dec 22, expires on Dec 29, 2017.
  • Amazon Appstore: 66% off for Discouraged Workers TEEN. Expires on Dec 31, 2017.

Thank you for your time. I'll be back soon.

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