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TL;DR 1.7.0 will be released, but it won't include everything I wanted it to because of my own limitations when it comes to modding. This is the final update, which completes the mod. I may or may not move on to a new project. If I do, hope to see you there!

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Thank you guys for your loyal support of this mod and for all the great ideas! I have been attempting to add some of your ideas in the next version but I'm definitely not as good at modding as I could be. 1.7.0 won't include the Holy Roman Empire sadly, since I don't know how national unification events work. The last update will add a few things. Carlist Spain can now gain cores on the Two Sicilies area when Italy forms, which will likely lead to war, and there are some fixes for events that made no sense in this mod's world.

Its been great modding for you guys! But I'm afraid I no longer have the capability to add new things to this mod. Often mods are considered dead at this stage, but I consider it complete. Sooner or later I might move on to another project, so if I do, I hope to see you guys there!


that is sad this mod is really cool

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