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Announcing the upcoming update for 5thLegacy: Version 1.68. This update will be coming, hopefully, December 27th; I'll let you know if that changes.

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Version 1.68 will include the following changes; although, some of them may change before the update.
(coming December 27th)

Added new doodads to scenario editor.
Added some new "TO"s to scenario editor.
Added Lookout Tower (requires Granary and the Tool Age).
Added Night Watch technology (available at Granary).
Added Tundra terrain.
Changed the Aquarius map type to Tundra.
Remastered "the Reign of the Hittites" original campaign.
Added "the Xiongnu" and "the Winter Campaign" scenarios.

Assyria can now research Hipposandal; Assyrian "Cavalry" do +2 damage to Swordsmen.
Hittie can now research Armored Elephants; they can no longer research Chain Mail for Infantry.
Lowered Phoenicia's Elephant bonus to -20% resources from -25%.
Sumeria: Removed Heavy Camel Riders.
Persia: Removed Legions and Heavy Horse Archers; added Artisanship and Ballistics.
Israel can now research Metallurgy.
Trojan "Cavalry" now gain +25% Hp instead of +20%.
Parthia can now research Fanaticism and Legions; they can no longer research Afterlife or Jihad.
Removed Woodcutting and Farm bonuses from the Han civilization.
Xiongnu can now research Logistics.
Dravids can now research Greek Fire; removed Melee Armor bonus for Chariots.
Lowered Van Lang Swordsman cost to 40/45/50/50 Wood, respectively.
Illyrian Privateers now cost 20% less, instead of 10%.
Numidia can no longer research Longsword.

Increased Food cost of "Cavalry" units to 75, instead of 60.
Lowered "CamelRider" bonus vs Elephants back to +5 from +6.
"HeavyInfantry": Increased benefit from Metallurgy by +1 (total of +5).
HeavyInfantry: Increased Attack to 14 from 13.
Elite Infantry: Increased Attack to 17 from 15.
Centurions: Increased Attack to 25 from 22.
War Elephants: Increased Attack to 16 from 15.
Armored Elephants: Increased Attack to 19 from 18, and increased Melee Armor to 4 from 3.
Scythe Chariots now gain +1 Pierce Armor from Metallurgy.
Walls, respectively, now take 12, 16, and 20 seconds to build.

Made revisions to the AIs' strategies (they don't train as many early units now).
Persian Triremes should now always benefit from their Fire Rate bonus.
Fixed Player 7 causing crashes in Scenario Editor (Phoenica's graphics set was changed back to "Greco").
Fixed Rocks and Waterfalls so they do not appear on the minimap.
Armored Elephant and Howdah Archer upgrades now cost 900 Food and 1200 Gold.
Siegecraft now makes Villagers deal 5 damage to Towers and 10 damage to Walls, regardless of Jihad.
Fixed Palmyrene Explorers so they don't get an Armor bonus.
Improved the AI in the Iron Age.
"Asiatic" Temples now have stone bases that match Roads and Plazas.
The Lost map type no longer spawns "nomad" Lions.
Jihad now makes Farmers only carry 2 Food, regardless of upgrades and bonuses.
Fixed Composite Bowman "shadow techs" for the Dravids and the Kushites.
Improved the number of Fish resource spawns on the Honshu map type.
Made some improvements to the Sa Huynh scenario.

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