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This version adds Vista/Win7 compatibility, particle effects and operational speed increases by using 2d sprites instead of 3d tiles. I am planning to create more features but I am looking for more feedback on the current game play first. If anyone can spare some time to test this new version I would highly appreciate it.

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The game is designed for a Windows OS and requires a minimum display resolution of 1024x768. The game has its own installer program which creates a directory in the 'program files' folder and this will need to be tweaked if using vista for security access. (the game config files are updated in the program directory)

This is a prototype game which is functional but has a couple of key features missing like a story, bonus/reward system and good art theme. I think the core puzzle game play mechanic is good but the presentation and lack of any bonus/reward system can be a hurdle for some people.

I originally developed this game a couple of years ago and released it to PAD sites to see if I could get any feedback. (I tried a couple of forums but at the time I was new to the indie scene and did not know where to go) After a while I realized that PAD sites are hopeless for feedback and gave up on the whole idea of trying to develop the game any further.

After speaking to a couple of friends who have played the game recently I think the core game has the potential to be reused in a new version. Before I beginning the next version I want to get some feedback on what can be improved about this game first. Sort of a features/todo list or maybe even a new direction.

What sort of feedback am I after

Did you have any problems with the installer or access to the game?
Do you like it or dislike the game? Anything in particular you like/dislike?
Can you think of anyway the game can be improved?
Was there anything that frustrated you while playing the game?
What did you think of the presentation of the game?
How difficult was the levels for you? easy/medium/difficult?
Did you get stuck on any levels and give up?
Do you find the interface confusing? Able to choose different levels?
Did you try out the editor and create any puzzles yourself?

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