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The 2nd version of my mod is now done. Its been a long time since my last update so here is whats new...

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New in this version is:

Added Medic
Added Anti tank infrantry
Added Special opps inf

Added sniper
Added serveral aircraft

Fixes and bugs
Fixed typhoon from shooting missles at ships when its suppposed to be torpedoes
Fixed Cobra from not showing up in the building display even tho all buildings are built (was an ini issue)
Supposebly fixed choppers from not firing missiles when attacking a target (tell me if they dont shoot even when told)
Adjusted tank damage to soviets so the allies tanks arnt stronger
Adjusted tank and aircraft speed to be more apropeite
Fixed the T-90 from not shooting. (only a few people reported this and i just made a new ini rule for it)
Fixed some other small bugs and balance issues next release will be bigger and have a new menu

There is a bug with the russian sniper the health bar and where you select is above him by a few pixels when he is deployed so just drag and select them.

To get Medic to heal troops just hold control and click near your infrantry and he will heal them. its also guard mode and if you just click on him he will heal anyone near him

Also most aircraft exept for a few are side based for the allies. (All soviets have the same planes)


Where is the download?

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