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A release announcement for the new 1.4 version of A GUI Mod for BioShock: Remastered.

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Hey everybody! I am back again, and excited to release version 1.4 of a GUI Mod for BioShock: Remastered.

I want to give a big thank you for the overwhelming positive reception I've received within the last few years. It has been an honor to have helped polish this great game we are all fans of, and I can't fully express my gratitude. I hope this update will be worth the long wait.

As for future plans, I do intend to release at least a couple more of these “smaller” updates before considering this mod complete. I am also looking for an artist who is capable of re-drawing, and creating new UI for a possible future update. If this sounds like you, or someone you know, please let me know, and maybe we collaborate within the next update.

I want to give another big thank you to RESENTMENT, ta de hack, and cRVD_12 for their creative input, and play-testing!

Please leave a review with your thoughts!

  1. Pick Up Animation
  2. Adam Counter
  3. Pop up prompts
  4. Button Letters
  5. Museum prompt

  6. Subject Text
    Subject Text
  7. Save, and Load Menu
  8. Gatherer's Garden Header
  9. Circus of Values Header
  10. Plasmid, Grenade, and Chemical Launcher Reticles
  11. Challenge Rooms MenuChallengeRooms
  12. Small fixes
    - Challenge Room Difficulty survivor selector fixed
    - Removal of Adam and Money Counter appearance when exiting the Golden Reels menu
    - Re-position of Golden Reels Menu back button to be consistent with the other menus
    - Difficulty Screen multiple selector bug fixed

Thank you for downloading, and I hope you enjoy!

A GUI Mod version 1.4

_origami_ - - 219 comments


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Chaos7040 Author
Chaos7040 - - 56 comments

Awwwwe, thank you so much! Happy to see your comment again!

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Kralich/David Staff
Kralich/David - - 836 comments

This is a really cool mod! Great stuff!

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Chaos7040 Author
Chaos7040 - - 56 comments

Wow! Thank you! <3

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RSNTM3NT - - 17 comments

Good stuff! Glad to be part of!

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Chaos7040 Author
Chaos7040 - - 56 comments

Thank you man! <3

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