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New version of Protracted rebelion mod released! Previous version 1.3.0 downloadable for approximately 20 hours causes freeze on title screen. Check download section...

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Protracted rebellion v1.3.0

New version of Protracted rebelion mod released! Check download section.

- MGs modified, they're less accurate but overheating tendency decreased too. Cooling of overheated MG takes much more longer.
- Modified tank guns, medium tank is less accurate. Their reload times increased.
- For destroying EDF heavy armors you get more salvage.
- Heavy rocket walker modified, it's weapon now have very little effect on structures.
- Weapons of EDF Flyers are less accurate.
- Area defense actions are longer.
- AI uses granades in all missios and actions.
- Time delivery missions decreases EDF control a little.
- Defensive and offensive raids EDF control reduction decreased.
- Modified EDF reinforcements for some defensive and offensive raids.
- Modified nano rifle. It's dissasembling of structures takes more time, has slightly larger AoE and damage vs troops and vehicler increased. Troops euqiped with this weapon is more accurate.
- Snipers are much more accurate.
- Some missions are modified and more difficult.Save games from previous versions are compatible.

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