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The latest Version of DOOM BFA is now available.

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Hello there. It have been quite some time since the last release. This new version come with many fixes, improvements and additions.


When using the controller with Classic DOOM games all the buttons will be shown with proper glyphs (XBOX and PS), also if you have set the game to the Japanese locale and using any PlayStation layout the select and back buttons will be inverted. Finally added the option to deactivate the damage motion from the settings (replaced Adaptive tonemapping HDR)


From now on Classic DOOM when setting it to aspect ratio correction the FOV will be adjusted accordingly, also if the freelook is active the original autoaim will be disabled, but it can be reactivated from the settings. On DOOM 3 the classic weapon pose improved, the credits can now be loaded from external files (and can be modded) and the sys_lang has no longer value limitations (which means that given an extra font and lang file you can add additional languages to the game). And finally the light levels can go bellow 1 on the settings and affect both SDR and HDR


The audio quality on the cinematic videos is now fixed and doesn't sound weird. The HDR coloring is also fixed (with fogs with better alpha and other gui or static images). And in DOOM 3 (2019) the missing texture issue on Lost Mission Enpro 1 is also fixed.


Additionally on DOOM 2 & expansions after the cast in the end of the game it will show the CREDITS Lump. And increased the vertex cache and save file limit for better mod support while also restoring the Health tunnel vision on DOOM 3 (WARNING: Previous save file will no longer be compatible)

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