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Version 1.22 of CheatCommands Mod is now released!

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[27.10.2013] [Version 1.22] Bug fixes
- Added Toggle.SquadDecorators
- dded Toggle.SquadWeaponAutoTarget (this disables unit auto-attack, meaning a unit wont attack
unless given order to attack
- Added command line arguments to do stuff automatically in game start:
-ccm_noai = Global AI Disabled
-ccm_resources = Infinite Resources
-ccm_instantproduction = Instant Production
-ccm_instantability = Instant Ability Recharge
-ccm_instantconstruction = Instant Building Construction
-ccm_unlockabilities = Unlock All Abilities
-ccm_unlockupgrades = Unlock All Upgrades
-ccm_disablefow = Disable FOW
You can use these by adding them to the Company of Heroes 2 launch options. Either via shortcut
or steam GUI. Example: "....\RelicCoH2.exe" -mod cheatcommands -nomovies -ccm_noai -ccm_resources

Please see downloads section for obtaining the latest version of CheatCommands mod.
Please see tutorials section for getting started with CheatCommands mod.

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