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Version 1.2 of Clan Quest Mod has been released, including such new features as a new quest, integration with UP 6.5, integration with Camarilla Edition 1.1, and additional voice acting.

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I am pleased to announce today, the release of Clan Quest Mod v1.2 for Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines. Version 1.2 maintains all the existing clan quests found in previous versions, as well as the following new features:

Voice Acting for Damsel
Previous versions had dialog options for taking up the Brujah quest from Damsel, but they were without speech. Now you can hear her describe your mission, as well as see her.

Integration with Unofficial Patch 6.5
This version of Clan Quest merges all of the changes between 6.5 and 5.8, the version of the Unofficial Patch that Clan Quest was originally built on. This includes countless bug fixes, new features and game play.
The plus patch version of the Unofficial Patch can be optionally included during the installation process.

Integration with Camarilla Edition 1.1
Another new and ambitious mod for VtM:B, Camarilla Edition, which adds a number of new game play elements and graphical enhancements, is now also fully compatible with Clan Quest Mod. Camarilla Edition, can be easily installed along with Clan Quest Mod, during the installation process with the click of your mouse.
New features include blood loss over time, increased healing difficulty, and an overhaul of the original clan disciplines, and much more!

A New Quest
Players of all clans can now indulge in an additional quest! This quest includes a new NPC, Steve the corrupt CDC worker, and is targeted towards players who want to control evil characters. The quest can be picked up in the main downtown map.

New Music
One of the songs found in the Asp Hole has been replaced by “Monsters”, by V Shaped Mind.

Download it here or find it here, on

Keep your eyes peeled for more additions and further integration with other mods for Bloodlines in future editions of Clan Quest Mod.

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