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Numerous bug fixes and game balance changes since previous version

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This chant may have interfered a bit with the neat song in Trixie scene

  • SFX chant in Trixie's room now fades out when the music begins playing


Straight up bugs that are now squashed

  • Leaving Ice Cave during sofcore mode could leave the snow effect on, this has been fixed.
  • Fixed issue where gallery didn't count certain pics properly towards the achievement
  • Game turned tutorials off by default regardless of what was chosen, this has been fixed.
  • You were able to open same secret chest in softcore and hardcore modes, this has been fixed

See bellow for a reason

  • Reverted the safeguards from Final Pancake


A feature that had been requested makes return

  • Enabled option to skip the intro

Since Day 1 Final Pancake has had problems that were massive, game breaking ones. It's about time we accept that some moves are just too awesome to be portrayed within videogames and move on.

  • Removed Final Pancake from the game, instead Trixie now teaches "Final Fisting"
  • If you were taught Final Pancake in earlier version, passing through Gates of Heaven teaches you Final Fisting


I noticed that after the previous update, the enemies didn't do their special moves enough, this rectifies that and other minor balance issues

  • Adjusted the likelihood of Ungolia's Bone Crush
  • Adjusted the likelihood of Lady of Ice's Absolute Zero and tied it to her needing to be 85% hp or lower for it to trigger
  • Adjusted the likelihood of Jenna's Orbital Strike and tied it to her needing to be 50% hp or lower for it to trigger
  • Adjusted the likelihood of Mongo's Mongo Crush and tied it to him needing to be 65% hp or lower for it to trigger
  • Lowered Jenna's agility to 65 (was 69)
  • Adjusted the likelihood of Abyss Absolute Zero and tied it to him needing to be 85% or lower for it to happen
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