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New version of Tropical has been released! This version works faster, has a better UI and solves many issues reported by players.

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-The game is saved in a new format that is much faster (saving should not lag the game anymore).
-You can still load save files from the old version.

-When you hover the cursor over something, the description now has a black background.
-You can now use equipped items also by clicking "1", "2" and "3" on the keyboard. The button on the left of "1" (or the same number that is currently active) switches the cursor back to normal.
-Background of choices now always has the color of that choice.
-"Beta version 1.1.x.0" text in the corner looks different now.
-Prompt displayed on the bottom of the screen has black background now.
-Other minor tweaks.


-Multiple game files are smaller (resulting in faster load, less RAM usage etc).
-Clouds code is rewritten from scratch to be much faster.
-Minimap works faster.
-Sometimes game reloaded unnecessary assets.
-Multiple minor improvements in the parts of code that were slow.

-Minimap is no longer shaking when you're moving.
-It was possible to get "Formula 1" achievement by giving up the first scooter race.
-Getting "Formula 1" achievement the way described above could also sometimes glitch dialogs after clicking on a frog. If you have any savefiles with this issue, this update automatically fixes them (but you keep the achievement).
-If you tried to open the wrong locker, the dialogs font was smaller.
-Prompt displayed on the bottom of the screen could overlap the dialog box.
-Sometimes you could see UI elements (minimap, quests and weather forecast) on the loading screen.
-In recent versions, if you invited Jacob to visit Lagoon or Lake, Dominica would say she's never been there unless you opened the map in those places.
-One part of the floor always loaded incorrectly if Dominica was riding on the turtle.
-If you were using food, it was not possible to switch directly to using glass.
-If you were using food, a tray or non-empty glass, after pausing and unpausing the game cursor would display the wrong picture.
-Sometimes UI had the wrong colors while picking the weather.
-Rarely while going out of the water Dominica was still behaving as if she was in the water.
-If you pressed space to get off the scooter, but managed to crash the scooter into the water before it stopped, you would instantly get off the scooter the next time you use it. If the next time you were using a scooter was scooter racing, you would not be able to move it.
-In some places (especially outside the Tropical), tiny brown dots were visible.
-Changing language via the pause menu not always changed the language of pause menu buttons.
-Fixed multiple grammar errors in both Polish and English versions.

You can play Tropical on Steam or!

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