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About the 1.1 version of MustaphaTR's D2K Mod for OpenRA.

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  1. Updated mod for release-20170527.
  2. Added Harkonnen Mission 4.
  3. Added new Aircrafts for all 3 side.
    • Ornithopter for Atreides.
    • Phoenix for Harkonnen.
    • Swarmer for Ordos.
  4. Added Fast speed option.
  5. Added Medium Support and Con. Yard only starting options.
  6. Added Ixians.
  7. Added Mechanic as Ixian Hi-Tech Factory tier unit.
  8. Added Jammer as Ixian Research Center tier unit.
  9. Added Drone as Ixian Palace tier unit.
  10. Added Ixian Repair Pad.
  11. Added Ixian Combat Tank. It can be repaired using repair cursor like a building.
  12. Added some new multiplayer maps.
  13. Fixed that mines didn't work properly.
  14. High-Tech Factory now can be set primary and has a production bar.
  15. High-Tech Factory power usage increased to -80 from -75.
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